Meet the Team: Sinjin Kirkpatrick

U-Haul is a terrific place to work. Team Members often invest years, climbing the ranks to make our organization better. Sinjin Kirkpatrick is no exception.

Meet the Team

Kirkpatrick began working for U-Haul about two and a half years ago, as a customer service rep in Tempe, Ariz. He later was appointed a hitch professional, and then the general manager of U-Haul Moving & Storage at Main & Lindsay in Mesa. Sinjin Kirkpatrick, Program Manager of Moving Help

After that, he became a business analyst for the Moving Help program, a U-Haul-powered online marketplace for moving labor services. His customer service expertise and Moving Help exposure subsequently led him to his current position: program manager of Moving Help.

Leading the Way

Innovation is an important part of any good company. At U-Haul, our Team Members are always looking for ways to improve. New ideas are a priority.

“The world is becoming more and more convenient, and Moving Help allows our customers to have that convenience at their fingertips,” Kirkpatrick said. “They get to have a full-service move while still getting the lowest prices and highest quality for which U-Haul is known.”

As a program manager, Kirkpatrick no longer deals with customers on a daily basis. However, he still sees the impact of his job.

“The biggest opportunity I have in Moving Help is educating our Team Members,” Kirkpatrick said. “I show them how the program works and the benefits it has for the customer. When a customer uses Moving Help, our trucks are returned faster and cleaner. In addition, customers also rate their U-Haul experience higher.”

Looking to the Future

One of the great things about U-Haul is the room for growth. Kirkpatrick has seen the results firsthand.

“I worked under (U-Haul Company of Eastern Arizona president) Andy Smith when I just joined the U-Haul team,” Kirkpatrick said. “He was the first person to give me the opportunity to grow within the Company. In addition, Andy showed me that being successful didn’t have an age requirement. I have been lucky enough to have Andy and my current manager, David LoPresti, as role models. They make my ideas better and value my hard work.”

Kirkpatrick was born in Missouri, but finished high school in Arizona. He is now a student at Arizona State University. In his spare time, Kirkpatrick also likes to play with his dog, participate in intramural sports, and spend time outdoors with friends.

Kirkpatrick looks forward to helping the Moving Help program reach its full potential, and in the process making moving easier for customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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