Dealer Spotlight: Poole’s Boil-N-Go Boosts Business with U-Haul

HAYES, La.— Not every U-Haul neighborhood dealer is your typical business. Poole’s Boil-N-Go restaurant is a Louisiana favorite for many seafood lovers. This restaurant is best known for its crawfish, reasonable prices and southern hospitality.

This Louisiana hot spot has recently been in even higher demand due to its partnership with U-Haul. Poole’s Boil-N-Go is now attracting a variety of customers and expanding its clientele daily.

Not only does Poole’s Boil-N-Go offer seafood cuisine, but it also offers U-Haul truck and trailer rentals, towing equipment, support rental items and in-store pick-up for boxes. With such a wide variety of services offered, Poole’s Boil-N-Go meets the needs of many locals and travelers.

U-Haul neighborhood dealers are independent businesses that have chosen to supplement their primary services and meet the moving demands of their communities. Neighborhood dealers account for more than 19,000 of the 21,000-plus U-Haul rental locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Poole’s Boil-N-Go owner, Warren Poole, noticed the demand for moving equipment after continuously seeing U-Haul trucks on the Louisiana interstates. He then realized that the closest U-Haul dealer was 25 miles away from his community. It became clear to him that becoming a neighborhood dealer could improve his business and give his neighbors a new level of convenience.

When asked why becoming a neighborhood dealer was so important, Poole was quick to show his passion for assisting the Louisiana locals. “I became a U-Haul dealer to help people of the community move their valuables with ease. Moving is not easily done. U-Haul makes the hassle disappear,” Poole explained.

Poole's Boil-N-Go offers a variety of U-Haul equipment.

Business “Skyrockets”

As far as business is concerned, sales have increased since Poole’s Boil-N-Go formed its partnership with U-Haul. With limited dealers in the area, customers are not only making a visit to Poole’s Boil-N-Go for their famous crawfish, but they are also pouring into the restaurant for all of their moving needs.

“U-Haul has increased the amount of customers for my business,” Poole said. “My sales have skyrocketed now that people know where Poole’s Boil-N-Go is.”

Not only has the partnership drawn more attention to Poole’s services, but it has also made his location known to those who had yet to experience dining at this local favorite. Since U-Haul equipment arrived, maps of Poole’s restaurant have reached more people and drawn more traffic. Advertisements that focused on all the services that his business could offer led to a sharp increase in customers.

Whether you have a seafood craving or require help with your moving needs, Poole’s Boil-N-Go restaurant has you covered. This dealer is at 7710 Crochet Road in Hayes, La., and has been part of the U-Haul network since Aug. 30, 2016. You can reach this business at (337) 622-3028.

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