WebSelfStorage Makes User-Friendly Updates

For over 15 years, the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network (USSAN) has provided a fully-integrated business platform for the independent self-storage owner. The backbone of the business platform is WebSelfStorage. WebSelfStorage launched as the first 100% web-based business platform for self-storage owners, helping to increase occupancy and streamline business. Through a unique partnership with U-Haul®, Self-Storage Affiliates utilizing the Fully Integrated WebSelfStorage Business Platform, are connected seamlessly to millions of online customers visiting uhaul.com for online advertising and reservations.

Many updates have been made to the software in the last decade. Today, USSAN is proud to announce another exciting advancement for WebSelfStorage that is happening now! A new, upgraded version of the software has been tested at 1,820 U-Haul Self-Storage centers and more recently seven independent self-storage affiliates across the United States with success. WebSelfStorage boasts several significant changes that will further optimize the way affiliates manage their independent self-storage business.

Affiliate Feedback

After listening to the feedback of current affiliates and the self-storage community as a whole, the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network focused on how it could improve WebSelfStorage. Mostly, the user experience was the reason for all of the upgrades. With these upgrades to WebSelfStorage, the USSAN is able to provide the best comprehensive business platform in the self-storage industry.

New Features

The new WebSelfStorage is optimized for easier navigation and is described as very intuitive. In the past, to navigate between reservation and move-in, owners had to open multiple screens. Storage owners can now navigate simply by clicking on the customer tab.  As a result, this will make managing their business much more seamless, saving time in the long-run. The new platform flows easily from one task to the next. “The affiliates testing the new software have commented about how easy it is to navigate the new interface,” says Operations Analyst, Eric Prado.

Owners/Operators will also enjoy updated features to include text messaging capabilities and 100% browser capability.

Coming Soon

Other features coming in the next phase include:

  • 100% Online Move-in
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Site Map
  • Spot for Notes on the Receipt
  • Gate Code Generator
  • Auto-generated Emails

USSAN Director, Tak Lay, has worked diligently with the WebSelfStorage development team to ensure the transitions are as smooth as possible. This new version of the software is rolling out in phases and is currently scheduled to launch in early 2017. The hope of the USSAN team is that these changes increase efficiency for the storage owners and managers.

Do you have any questions about the updates?  Let us know in the comments.

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