Like Father, Like Son for David and Billy Redmon

MISSOULA, Mont.—Like father, like son is a way of life for David and Billy Redmon, who are both U-Haul Trained Master Technicians. David is a post-inspection specialist, while his son, Billy, is a preventive maintenance (PM) technician at the Missoula U-Haul Repair Shop.

Becoming a Master Technician is the pinnacle of all U-Haul technicians, and the Redmons are one of only a handful of father and son Master Technicians. Here are their stories.

David RedmonDavid Redmon

“I came to U-Haul in 2005,” David Redmon began, “bringing with me 30 years of technical experience, most recently as a Toyota master technician. I enjoy working for U-Haul because it’s one of the best jobs I’ve had.”

David Redmon became a Master Technician in April 2015.

“Every day, I learn as much as I can, and I hope that everyone who gets invited to one of the U-Haul specialized training events takes advantage of it,” he emphasized. “It’s a wonderful experience that you won’t soon forget.”

David said he was very fortunate to have attended the most recent training event with Billy.

“We work with each other every day of the week,” David stated. “He makes me very proud. I get to teach him and watch him use what he learns, and he teaches me also. Together, we make a great team.”

Billy Redmon Under HoodBilly Redmon

Billy Redmon started with U-Haul in 2011 as a trailer mechanic before working his way up to PM technician. Even with the general knowledge of U-Haul equipment he now has, Billy stressed that there’s so much more to learn when it comes to practicing his craft. And achieving the distinction of a Master Technician in August 2016 was one way to assure himself that he would be the best he could possibly be.

“If you’re going to do something,” Billy stressed, “you ought to do it to the fullest, never halfway. The Master Technician Program has helped me become better at what I do, especially in this ever-changing industry which features technology that keeps moving forward.

“I enjoy working with my dad,” he continued. “I always watch and listen respectfully, since he’s been ‘turning wrenches’ for more than 30 years. I’ve learned a tremendous amount working side by side with him.”

“Dave and Billy are top-notch team members,” praised Shop Manager Ike Skaggs. “They always have a positive attitude and are eager to be on the job each day.

“Not only are they great at working together,” Skaggs continued, “they understand that we’re all a team, and they get along superbly with everyone else in the crew. Dave and Billy are great assets to Team U-Haul and are driven to provide the best quality equipment to our valued customers.”

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