Work from Home Testimonials

Mar 19, 2017

A simple Google search for work from home “jobs,” will yield an overwhelming list of career sites and blogs; many questioning the legitimacy of these positions. At U-Haul, however, we pride ourselves on our successful work from home program. Allowing our team members the opportunity to work remotely in order to focus more time on their families, education and personal lives is a high priority.

The U-Haul Contact Center employs thousands of work from home Team Members throughout the United States and Canada. Below is a list of states with the highest concentration of work from home employees:
• Arizona
• Georgia
• Florida
• Texas
• Kentucky

The U-Haul Sales and Reservations Work from Home Program might just be what you’re looking for! If you’re a self-motivated person who enjoys helping people from the comfort of your own home, then this is the job for you.

Many work from home positions are part time and offer flexible schedules. In addition, there are many benefits offered to part time team members, including:

• Dental plan
• Limited-care medical plan
• Travel insurance
• 401(k) savings plan
• Stock Ownership Plan
• Discounts on cell phones, hotels, etc.
• Credit Union membership

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what some of our work from home team members have to say about working for U-Haul.

Work from Home Testimonials

Shirley Stone: Sales and Reservations Agent

work from homeWhen I started with the company, I was a single mom holding a seasonal job. My karate instructor—and now fiance’—told me about the work from home position. He told me that my strong customer service skills would make me a perfect fit. I was persistent and applied three times before I got offered the job.

There is so much to know about equipment rentals but the instructors and my manager were supportive and helped to ensure that I succeeded at my new job. I wanted to learn more! I sat with a Traffic Control Manager to learn what happened after I made a reservation and I received many tips on successfully getting and keeping a reservation from every potential customer. This new knowledge allowed me to increase my reservation, and my customers trusted my advice.

Working from home allowed me to be there for my children and build a career. I created an office space in the corner of my room and enjoyed taking breaks and lunches outside; walking my dogs, or doing chores. I was relaxed, which meant my customers were always greeted with a smile.

I love my job and have earned the “Shining Star and Perfect Attendance” award several times. U-Haul is my work family, not just a job.

William Reid, Jr.: Hitch Central Agent

work from homeI currently work in the Hitch Central department and have been with U-Haul for eight years. Although I work from home, the camaraderie with my co-workers is still just as strong as if we were in the office together.

Working from your home can be a great solution for people like myself. I have worked in an office, in the field, and now from home. I think it takes a special discipline and you have to be entirely self-motivated to work from home.

Working from home has its pros and cons. I enjoy working from home because it eliminates commuting, so I save on gas. [It’s a] quieter atmosphere, relaxed setting, less distractions and I feel more productive since I work independently.



Elizabeth Plumb: Roadside Assistance Escalation Team

work from homeI began working as a Roadside Assistance Agent. Since then, I have been moved to the Escalations Team. This position is extremely rewarding as I have the opportunity to help people daily.

In addition to being so rewarding, the ability to work from home is an added bonus. Since there is no commute, there is no rush hour traffic to fight. Working from home allows me to save money on fuel, meals, and conserve mileage on my vehicle. Also, the time spent commuting is non-existent, which gives me more time with my family.

During breaks or lunches I am able to catch up on household chores or cook dinner. The benefits of working from home are priceless and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Our Contact Center offers several work from home positions, including: Storage Sales Representative, Customer Service Agent and Center Sales Reservations Agents. If working from home sounds like the perfect fit for you, apply today!

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