Finding Joy in a Healthier U: Alex Brockhagen

Becoming a Healthier U is easier said than done. For Alex Brockhagen, cost segregation specialist for the U-Haul Tax Department, it was a learning experience.

Growing up, Brockhagen says he was always extremely healthy, playing many different sports, but as he grew older, he became less healthy. 

As he matured and moved on to college, Brockhagen started drinking and smoking. He says these habits strongly contributed to poor health and weight gain. This, combined with the late-night snacking, the constant sitting that came with being an architecture major, and putting exercise on the back burner, created a recipe for poor health.

 Starting Within

“I decided to attack the root of the problem, which after many years, I discovered was my mental state,” Brockhagen confessed.

By putting his mental health first, he was able to cut the cord from both drinking and smoking, but he soon noticed there was still something missing.

“When I finally realized that I’m no longer drinking and smoking, I found myself to be 380 pounds. And I said, ‘Whoa, how did I get here?’” Brockhagen explained.

And that was all the motivation he needed. Brockhagen cut back his calorie intake and began to include exercise into his routine. Sticking to this regimen, he lost a total of 108 pounds over an extended period of time, bringing him close to his 150-pound weight loss goal.

Maintaining Motivation

Brockhagen’s road to weight loss wasn’t all so simple and there were days where he wanted to give up. He admitted when things got rough he kept his favorite John Campbell quote in mind,
“Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

Brockhagen says he continues to work hard toward losing a final 42 pounds.

“My advice to people trying to make a change is you’re going to get 1,000 different opinions on what you should do,” he advised. “But you should digest all those things, and find out what is really going to give you joy and then act on that.”


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