Utah Shop Boasts Five Master Technicians

SALT LAKE CITY—Becoming a master technician is a pinnacle for U-Haul technicians. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. At U-Haul Repair Shop of Salt Lake City, there are five such master technicians.

Jeff and Zach Smith
Father-and-son Master Technicians Jeff and Zach Smith

Master Technicians Jeff and Zach Smith

Jeff Smith was the first member of the Salt Lake Repair Team to become a master technician. His son, Zach, followed in his footsteps a short time later.

“I came to U-Haul from an unrelated field with nothing more than a garage mechanic’s and self-proclaimed tinkerer’s knowledge of automobiles,” Jeff Smith said. “The Master Technician Program has allowed me to increase my knowledge and grow in ways I never thought possible.”

“I’ve worked for U-Haul for five years, but I’ve been around the Company since I was three, because of my dad,” Zach Smith pointed out. “The training program has helped me get into my current position as a mobile repair specialist. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the program and the people who took the time to teach me and answer all of my questions.”

Rowdy Hansen
Master Technician Rowdy Hansen

Master Technician Rowdy Hansen

Rowdy Hansen started taking courses as part of a friendly competition with Zach Smith to see who could finish first.

“When I got into the electrical courses, they were very hard for me,” Hansen explained. “After I finished that section, I took a break from the courses. A year or so later, I wanted to finish what I started so I got back on track and became a master technician in September 2016.

“The program isn’t super hard,” he continued, “it just requires a lot of time to finish, but it’s worth it. Plus, many of the courses are very interesting and you probably will draw on that knowledge one day down the road.”


Jared and Hunter Ling
Master Technician Jared Ling and his son, Hunter

Master Technician Jared Ling

Jared Ling also grew up with U-Haul, as his dad has worked for U-Haul since before Jared was born. He went to school for diesel tech and brought that knowledge to U-Haul in 2013.

“I spent a year working as a preventive maintenance technician and did that for about a year until November 2014, when I moved to mechanic express,” Ling noted. “I remained in mechanic express until June 2016 when I moved to the pre-inspector position. I have really enjoyed the Master Tech Program because it furthered my education and taught me a lot about the electrical and diagnostics sides of U-Haul trucks.”




Angela Arrington
Master Technician Angela Arrington

Master Technician Angela Arrington

Angela Arrington came to U-Haul in 2010 after serving in the U.S. Navy and working as an over-the-road truck driver. She’s the only U-Haul parts foreman to earn the title of a master technician.

“I learned very young to never turn down free knowledge!” Arrington exclaimed. “When the Technician Training Program came out I was excited to learn and felt I owed it to the shop technicians to be the best for them. This program has helped me be a better parts foreman. It’s a tremendous opportunity U-Haul has provided us, in addition to the training through Ford and GM. Other people have to pay money for this program and we have it at our fingertips for free!”

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