U-Haul Prepares Meals That Heal at Ronald McDonald House

Team U-Haul participated in Meals that Heal at the Ronald McDonald House Charity, in Phoenix. Team Members prepared, cooked and plated a dinner for families whose children are in the hospital.

U-Haul has a long-standing commitment to serving the community. The headquarters is located in Phoenix and has been for the last 50 years.

Therefore, volunteer opportunities are offered on a monthly basis to Team Members working in the Corporate Office. Specifically, U-Haul focuses its efforts and support on charities and organizations that serve the most basic of human needs- food, shelter, and clothing.

The Ronald McDonald House Charity provides a “home-away-from-home” so families may be nearby their hospitalized children. Most of these parents and siblings spend the entirety of their day at the hospital or in doctor’s offices, and as a result do not have the time to eat.

These families have the ability to stay in a RMHC room and attend the nightly Meals that Heal dinner. The facility also provides a playground, living room spaces and TVs for the families to spend time together.

U-Haul has been a proud supporter of the RMHC, since 2015.

Preparation Begins

Anna Mary’s Café, the new U-Haul corporate cafeteria, provided all the food served to the RMHC guests on May 10. With the creation of a human assembly, volunteers quickly got to work. 

U-Haul Volunteers preparing food at Ronald McDonald House

“It was humbling to volunteer at the RMHC,” said U-Haul Team Member, Kelie Budd-Hale. “I knew I was helping families in a big way by giving only a small piece of my time.”

Dinner included healthy chicken and vegetables skewers, salad, rice, fruit and a brownie for dessert.

U-Haul launched its Healthier U initiative in 2016, to promote more opportunities for Team Members to be happy and healthy. Due to the Company-wide push sugary snacks are eliminated from the vending machines and healthier options are now served in the café.

Team Members also have access to discounted gym memberships, dieticians and incentives to encourage the quitting of nicotine use.

Dinner Time

Perfectly displayed, with vegetables topping the salad; the Meals that Heal dinner was ready. 

Slowly RMHC guests began to trickle into the kitchen. U-Haul Team Members wearing their bright orange volunteer shirts greeted the guests with a smile. 

“We are made to live for so much more,” explained U-Haul Team Member, Amy Hammann. “I try to consistently remind myself of that. Volunteering teaches me new things about myself, my Team Members, cooperation and compassion.”

Team U-Haul joined the guests eating dinner.

Community Support

Founded in 1985, RMHC has had over 42,300 families check into their homes. 

U-Haul assisted with the recent remodel of the RMHC Roanoke House. U-Boxes, plenty of U-Haul moving supplies, storage and Team U-Haul volunteers were all there to help with the move.

“I have always been proud to work for U-Haul,” said Budd-Hale. “The Company offers so many volunteer opportunities in our community, some that are right in my backyard. U-Haul continuously makes an effort to give back and leave a positive impact.”

Did you know U-Haul also supports veterans’ organizations? Read about the 13th Annual Pat’s Run that brought over 28,000 people to Tempe, Ariz.

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