Show and Tell at the Little Rock U-Haul Repair Shop

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Little Rock U-Haul Repair Shop gave kids at a neighboring day care center an up-close look at some U-Haul trucks.

Remember how excited you’d get on show-and-tell day in school? The anticipation of having your name called to show everyone your new toy or something you brought back from your family vacation? Little Rock U-Haul Repair Shop manager James Campbell and mobile repair specialist William Burnett got to relive those days recently.

The day care center next door to our shop asked if we could do a show and tell for their children,” Campbell explained. “We said, ‘Heck yeah!’”

Campbell and Burnett brought out a 15-foot U-Haul truck and a 26-foot U-Haul truck to show off for the kids.

There were about 50 kids there,” Campbell noted. “We walked them around the trucks, opened the hoods and showed them the inside of the cabs and cargo areas. William is a U-Haul Trained Master Technician, so he knew the answer to every question they could think of.”

It was fun,” Burnett said. “The kids really seemed to enjoy it. They were pretty excited about how big the trucks were and got to see all of the parts under the hood.”

After show and tell was over, each kid received a U-Haul piggy bank.

Will Burnett with Kids
Master Technician William Burnett (right) answered all of the questions the kids had.

Giving back

While Campbell and Burnett may have had even more fun than the kids themselves, they acknowledged that this is a nice way to give back to their community.

The kids are always out playing, so we wave all the time when we go by,” Campbell stated. “This was just another way to build more of a relationship with the day care and do something nice for the kids. It was awesome seeing all of their smiles!”

My favorite part was seeing how much excitement the kids got out of it,” Burnett added.

U-Haul is always in the community, striving to positively impact children of all ages by teaching safe trailering and smart driving practices, participating in Touch-A-Truck days and showcasing good causes like sustainability initiatives that benefit the environment. If you are a nonprofit organization and are interested in having U-Haul assist in your next event, please email us a request at

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