U-Haul Active Day Offers New Opportunities in Second Year

As U-Haul continues to grow its system-wide health and wellness initiatives, preparations for the second annual U-Haul Active Day on Sept. 23 are underway.

U-Haul Active Day gives local U-Haul Teams and their families across the U.S. and Canada the chance to engage in an organized day of exercise and camaraderie. The goal of U-Haul Active Day is to encourage Team Members to be active and improve their health. Additionally, the proceeds raised through U-Haul Active Day go to a worthy charity selected by management from each district. Last year, U-Haul presented a check for $14,200 to the Pat Tillman Foundation, the nonprofit organization that benefits from U-Haul Active Day in Greater Phoenix.

Online registration for Team Members closes Aug. 1. Sign up here!

Benefits and Options

As U-Haul continues its company-wide health and wellness initiative, preparations for the second annual U-Haul Active Day are underway.
The first U-Haul Active Day takes place in 2016

Every U-Haul Active Day registered participant will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a U-Haul bike or Fitbit. Participants can share photos and videos from their Active Day experiences by using #uhaulactive on social media. 

Running, walking or biking a 5K was the selected activity in Phoenix, where U-Haul is headquartered, last year. But the activities selected across the system were wide-ranging. Some U-Haul Teams held flag football tournaments, played 3-on-3 basketball, hiked and participated in field days. This year, one company office has indicated it will hold a hockey tournament, while another is taking its version of Active Day to a local zoo.

Healthy Achievements

Team Members have many new ways to become healthier since the inception of U-Haul wellness initiatives. At U-Haul headquarters in Phoenix, Anna Mary’s Café provides healthy food options with most entrees containing less than 500 calories.

Positive messaging is stationed throughout U-Haul headquarters encouraging Team Members to take the stairs and to go for walks on their breaks. These are all steps that help make U-Haul one of The Valley’s Healthiest Employer Award winners of 2017, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

As U-Haul continues its company-wide health and wellness initiative, preparations for the second annual U-Haul Active Day are underway.
The second annual U-Haul Active Day returns Sept. 23

“Employee wellness is of high importance at U-Haul International,” states Jessica Lopez, U-Haul Chief of Staff. “A healthy team is a happy and a productive team. These wellness changes benefit our Team Members’ health and produce even more positive results for our business.”

U-Haul Active Day

The idea of U-Haul Active Day originated from a Team Member. The concept was simple: Plan a day where Team Members and their families gather to do something fun and active. Thus, U-Haul Active Day was born.

“Active means different things to different people,” says Monique Wantland, wellness marketing specialist at U-Haul. “By giving our Team Members the option to choose their own activities, they are owning what they want to do. We encourage them to do what they want to do because all of it is supporting the wellness mission. U-Haul Active Day gets our Team Members and their families active while helping to expand our healthy culture.”


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