U-Haul Shop Managers Excel as Master Technicians

Aug 9, 2017

After 72 years in the moving industry, the master technicians of U-Haul know what it takes to keep our trucks and trailers running smoothly. And it involves more than routine oil changes and accurate tire pressure.

Since the launch of the U-Haul Technician Training Program, shop personnel who complete the program can better keep up with this ever-changing field. And thanks to these hardworking Team Members, U-Haul equipment is serviced efficiently and back on the road.

“When a technician completes the program and earns the title of master technician, the Company gains another strong educational leader who will help make sure we are repairing our fleet properly and efficiently,” U-Haul technician training program coordinator Lexi Wagner commented.

While master technicians naturally become leaders in the shops they work in, master technicians who are also shop managers are relied on even more heavily. 

Here, in their own words, are four of these individuals who tell us how their special level of expertise has been a benefit to U-Haul.


David Fette
Kar-Go Repair Center of Orlando, Fla. (Shop 125)

I became a master technician to encourage my Team Members here at Shop 125 to be more productive and help them succeed in their jobs. I am a hands-on shop manager who works with my technicians when there is a problem with equipment.

The information I learned from the U-Haul Technician Training Program has helped me with diagnosing and repairing equipment … and lowering the cost of repair.

We even started a competition to see who would be the first master technician here at our shop. I wound up being No. 6.

When a shop’s technicians participate in the U-Haul Technician Training Program, they will diagnose issues faster and more accurately. Therefore, less equipment will come back to the shop with the same issues.


Glenn Beauchamp
Detroit RERS (Shop 102)

The opportunity to lead by example motivated me to become a master technician. I believe management’s knowledge base of the equipment is of the utmost importance. We shop managers should have a full understanding of all the programs and procedures we teach to team members who we help lead through the repair process. 

Being a master technician also helps me open up a line of communication between me and the technicians.

My team knows that I’m in the trenches with them on a daily basis helping them get the equipment repaired, albeit in a supervisory role. It shows them that I’m just as dedicated as I ask them to be in their personal and professional growth.

The U-Haul Technician Training Program is a win-win for all of us. The more knowledge we have, the easier, faster and, in turn, more economical it will be to repair our equipment. Knowledge essentially takes away the “repair by elimination” mentality and replaces it with a “repair it correctly the first time” mentality.


Monanlall Budhram
Parkslope RERS (Shop 162), Brooklyn, N.Y.

I wanted to understand the changing technology on today’s new equipment and that motivated me to become a master technician. It’s made a difference here at how I manage Shop 162.

I’m able to now make more accurate repair decisions and get more quality repair work from technicians. I encourage all my technicians to enroll in the U-Haul Technician Training Program. The knowledge learned from the program can help a shop operate more efficiently. I also encourage fellow shop managers to enroll in the program because I believe a shop manager who is also a master technician is one of the most useful tools in a shop.


Raymond Bruintjies
East Hamilton (Ontario) RERS (Shop 425)

I’ve been a mechanic for many years, and during my time with the Company I have witnessed the evolution of technology on U-Haul trucks. But the U-Haul Technician Training Program has given me the ability to stay abreast of changing technology.

Going through the program has helped me be a better technician and empower me to help the team when needed. It also lifts the morale of my Team Members when I dig in to try to resolve a problem.

I encourage all technicians to enroll in the program. It not only enhances their skills, but it also makes them much more efficient. I also think that, as a leader, the best way to encourage your Team Members to participate in the program is to do it yourself.

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