U-Haul Contact Center Best in Self-Storage Industry

The U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Contact Center is the Best of Business winner for its Call-Center Services, according to Inside Self-Storage.

ISS, a leading publication in the self-storage industry, recently announced the 2017 winners from its annual reader’s choice poll to honor the top performers across a number of categories.

U-Haul will be featured in the November issue of ISS Magazine. The Company will also receive an award at the ISS World Expo in April 2018 in Las Vegas.

This marks the Contact Center’s first award in the ISS Call-Center Services category, though it does not come as a surprise. With 2,500 skilled Team Members trained to serve the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network and meet the needs of its customers, U-Haul possesses one of the most versatile, dynamic and dedicated customer service teams in North America.

Contact Center Well Versed

“Our Contact Center is fully integrated into the WebSelfStorage Business Platform,” said Chalet Fuery, Contact Center program manager for the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network.

“A huge benefit of that integration is the work relief it provides our affiliates. When we accept payment from a customer, we’re posting the payment directly into the customer’s account for that affiliate. And we can see what units the affiliate locations have available when we’re making reservations for their customers.”

Fuery added that self-storage tends to be an “instant buy” transaction for most customers. If they call a location and do not get an answer, they’re likely to contact another business. Industry averages also indicate that a new self-storage customer is worth approximately $1,000 to a storage owner.

With 24/7 phone coverage and the industry’s best customer service, U-Haul makes joining the Self-Storage Affiliate Network an easy decision.

WebSelfStorage Benefits

“Our Contact Center offers storage owners the time they need to successfully manage their business,” said Toni Colasso, national sales manager for the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network. “Contact Center agents will answer the phone with a customized greeting, 24/7/365, and they will never miss a call.

“WebSelfStorage allows Contact Center agents access to real-time inventory of rooms, rates and availability. By using the industry’s only fully integrated management software, storage owners can increase operational efficiency and maximize their profits while benefitting from our award-winning Contact Center.”

ISS has been presenting its Best of Business awards since 2011. It honors the top vote recipient in 39 different categories.

To learn more about the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network, visit webselfstorage.com. To check out career opportunities with the Contact Center and other U-Haul departments, click on uhauljobs.com.

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