U-Haul Dealer in NY Helping Hurricane Victims

When natural disasters strike, U-Haul is ready to help in the aftermath of the events. As an official American Red Cross Disaster Responder, U-Haul International, Inc. provides equipment donations and financial assistance to the Red Cross so it can better aid communities in need. U-Haul Team Members and neighborhood dealers are doing their part in helping Texas hurricane victims as well.

Following Hurricane Harvey, U-Haul stepped up once again by donating clothes, money and other items to help those affected in Texas.

Furthermore, this spirit of teamwork and charity was very evident at Ulster County Self Storage and U-Haul Dealership in Saugerties, N.Y., where owner Beverly Lichtenberg headed up a “fill the truck” drive to collect clothing donations to send to Texas.

It’s not hard to see why Lichtenberg would want to help.

Donations poured in after a social media call for helping hurricane victims.

Once Helped, Now the Helper

Back in 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast. Many in the area experienced a lot of the same stresses and property loss that people in the Gulf Coast region are currently experiencing from Harvey and people in Florida are experiencing from Hurricane Irma.

In a Facebook post, Lichtenberg made an appeal to her friends and customers to support those who are in a similar situation to the one they were in five years ago.

“Our thoughts are with all those affected by Hurricane Harvey,” Lichtenberg notes. “Many of us remember all too well how everything changes, and the loss that comes after the storm subsides. Countless people lose simple, everyday necessities. Let’s come together and show them we care.”

The community responded swiftly to Lichtenberg’s call to action. As a result of the post, they were able to fill a U-Haul truck with donations. Lichtenberg went to her Facebook page again to praise the community for stepping up and giving to those who are in need.

“We are so incredibly blessed, we have such a strong and caring community,” Lichtenberg cheers. “Thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your help.”

In addition to truck sharing and storage, helping the community is just part of what Ulster County Self Storage does. Hope Conley, traffic control manager of U-Haul Company of Lower Hudson Valley, also says Lichtenberg is always assisting others.

“Beverly is a wonderful woman, inside and out,” Conley says. “She has helped countless people in her community, and outside of it as well.”

Know of a U-Haul Team Member or neighborhood dealer who serves their community the way Lichtenberg does? Let us know! 

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