U-Haul Partners with GHSA to Encourage Safe Trailering

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — U-Haul partnered with the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) to promote safe trailering practices at the group’s annual conference, held Sept. 17-19 in Louisville.

The GHSA is a nonprofit that represents state highway safety offices across the country. These offices implement federal grant programs aimed at addressing roadway safety. The GHSA’s mission is to provide advocacy, influence policy and also promote best practices. As of 2017, GHSA has invested 50 years in working toward its goal of zero fatalities on U.S. roadways.

GHSA: Highway Safety in a New Era

“Highway Safety in a New Era” served as the theme, examining the challenges and opportunities of new technology and changing behavior — and how the highway safety community can respond. The meeting attracted more than 500 attendees. They varied from state highway offices, law enforcement authorities, federal transportation agencies and driver’s education programs.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao kicked off the event with a keynote address. She spoke on the current administration’s traffic safety priorities. Additionally, attendees participated in a variety of workshops. The topics ranged from autonomous vehicle technology to distracted driving prevention, and everything in between.

U-Haul “Safe Trailering” Campaign

U-Haul, whose operation is rooted in highway safety, partners with the GHSA as a program sponsor. For the first time this year, U-Haul presented its Trailer Demonstrator during the conference.

This effort is part of the Company’s safe trailering initiative.

During the event, the U-Haul Engineering Services team shared information with attendees on safe trailering practices. The demonstrator reveals the importance of proper loading (60 percent of the weight goes in the front and 40 percent in the back) and what can happen when drivers ignore the correct safety steps.

In an environment where reducing highway accidents is a shared priority, the demonstrator was well received. Attendees now have the ability to take these safe trailering tips back to their home states and also enhance their respective highway safety campaigns.

In conclusion, did you know U-Haul offers its safe trailering resources at no charge to safety and training groups? Please reach out to trailerdemonstrator@uhaul.com to schedule today.

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