Ready-To-Go Box: U-Haul Plastic Containers a Complement to Cardboard

Strong and easy to lift, the newest U-Haul moving product is currently available in Arizona and California

U-Haul is offering a new rental box that can make lifting easier, stacking simpler, unpacking faster and moving more economically and environmentally friendly. The Ready-To-Go Box is now available in limited quantities at Company-owned stores in California and Arizona. It will soon be available in larger quantities and in many more markets.

The plastic moving boxes measure 24x20x12 inches, providing 2.4 cubic feet of packing area while easily fitting through doorways and sliding in and out of vehicles. High density polyethylene gives the boxes durability, while the ergonomic handles allow for easy lifting.

The Ready-To-Go Box is reusable and doesn’t require tape like cardboard boxes, which falls in line with U-Haul sustainability initiatives. Rent Ready-To-Go Boxes by the week at rates comparable to buying cardboard boxes.

Ready-To-Go Box Changing the Game

“The U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box is changing the moving game,” notes Dain Howell, Ready-To-Go Box program manager. “We are trying to improve lives and make moving easier for our customers. Since the Ready-To-Go Box is water resistant with superior durability, I can see these becoming a staple of the future.”

Some self-movers today are using plastic containers exclusively. But for the rest who still rely on the benefits of cardboard, the Ready-To-Go Box is a complement to the moving process. It’s ideal for packing up the food in your pantry; delicates; towels; clothes and shoes; kitchen and bathroom appliances; books; photos; electronics; and countless other possessions.

“Many of U-Haul’s customers prefer these boxes,” Howell states. “Most of our Ready-To-Go Box customers consider our plastic rental boxes to be the most convenient way to pack. Customers can keep the boxes for as long as they need and simply return them when they are finished with their move. It is now possible to move and create zero waste.”

In the next two years, Howell expects the Ready-To-Go Box to be available for rent at more than 400 U-Haul facilities. Later this year, New York City residents will be able find them at some U-Haul stores. As the program expands, a number of major cities will also carry the product including: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Washington, D.C., as well as others.

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