Free Testing, Flu Shots are Staples of U-Haul Health Fair

U-Haul has been recognized repeatedly for its Healthier U Initiative, winning numerous awards for its emphasis on Team Members’ well-being. Created in 2015, the system-wide program provides information about health; offers healthy eating alternatives; and encourages Team Members to make fitness a priority.

In October, U-Haul held its annual Health Fair at the corporate headquarters in Phoenix and the Tech Center in Tempe. During the week-long event, the Company’s health providers and local vendors addressed Team Member benefits and health-related topics. 

“The health fair was a huge success,” said Monique Wantland, U-Haul wellness marketing specialist. “We wanted to have unique vendors that could educate Team Members on topics that they may not know about. The Human Resources team encourages Team Members to ask questions about their benefits, not only at the health fair, but all year long. They are here to help and want Team Members to utilize them.”

Team Members had access to free health checkups, flu and pneumonia shots, mobile on-site mammography and on-site prostate testing. In addition to the tests, tips to living healthy were offered. 

By the Numbers

  • 878 Team Members attended the Health Fair
  • 202 flu shots given
  • 139 health checkups received
  • 124 mobile on-site mammograms
  • 22 prostate screenings

“Considering that mammography screening is so important, I am grateful that U-Haul provides annual free testing,” said Kelie Budd-Hale, a U-Haul public relations specialist who received a mammogram. “Thank you to the Health & Benefits team for looking out for us every year by offering a wide variety of options and useful information.”

Health Tips and Prizes

Attendees had the chance to win raffle prizes if they visited every booth at the health fair. The benefits table also tested Team Members’ knowledge in a scenario game. The massage booth gave 15-minute massages and then proceeded with information to relieve pain and stress. The U-Haul Café group offered smoothie samples and afterward requested Team Members guess what healthy ingredients were used to make it. 

“Our Café team is really owning their health-coach roles,” Wantland noted. “They loved explaining the health benefits of each smoothie ingredient, while challenging Team Members to dig deeper into learning about healthy foods.”

The booths chose raffle winners at the end of the day. Prizes varied from blenders to gym memberships to cookbooks. While all Team Members did not leave with a prize, everyone gained knowledge to help them live healthier.

This longstanding annual event started at U-Haul more than 20 years ago. As a result of the positive feedback, the Company began hosting health fairs for Team Members across the U.S. and Canada in 2005.

Did you know U-Haul was named one of the Valley’s Healthiest Employers of 2017. Read about the achievement at

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