Moving in Canada: 9 More Unique U-Haul Dealers

Mar 15, 2018

With new independent small businesses joining the vast U-Haul network every day, do-it-yourself moving equipment continues to become a more accessible, affordable and sustainable option for families across the U.S. and Canada. These U-Haul dealers form partnerships with U-Haul in order to provide the customers in their communities with a variety of needed services.

While many of these dealerships are located at businesses where one may expect to find U-Haul equipment, there are unique partnerships where finding a U-Haul truck for rent could come as a surprise. Check out these nine unique dealers across Canada that are making moving easier.


Virden Greyhound

U-Haul Canada dealer Virden Greyhound

Virden Greyhound in Virden, Manitoba

Virden Greyhound provides customers with endless possibilities for travel and adventure. Serving as a bus station and a U-Haul dealer, people far and wide come to Virden Greyhound for all of their travel needs.

Owner Bobbie Heaman formed the partnership with U-Haul to grow his financial means. By offering another service to the community, the business has seen a steady increase in work and income.

Virden Greyhound became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in June 2016. It is located at 590 Wellington St. E. in Virden, Manitoba. Reach them at (204) 748-6864.


Shiny Tiny Bubbles

U-Haul Canada dealer Shiny Tiny Bubbles

Shiny Tiny Bubbles in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Shiny Tiny Bubbles offers locals a number of different services. Aside from U-Haul equipment, this business provides dry cleaning, alteration services and also a place to do the laundry. The business ensures that customers have easy parking access and a quality experience with every visit.

Owner Zelalem Guda decided to become a U-Haul dealer when he was approached by a local U-Haul area field representative about the possibility. Since becoming a dealer, Shiny Tiny Bubbles has seen a spike in business.

Shiny Tiny Bubbles became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in June 2016. It is located at 3556 Dutch Village Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Reach them at (902) 453-4396.


Wine N Water in Bathurst, New Brunswick

Wine N Water is a beloved business in its community. This winery offers a variety of wine kits, wine-making essentials, and bottled distilled and spring water. Owner Jean Robichaud was looking to expand his business when he formed the partnership with U-Haul. Due to the location, Robichaud had the space to park U-Haul moving equipment and knew it would be the right decision.

By offering two very different services, Wine N Water has gained a number of new clients. Movers who visit for trucks and trailers later return to partake in the Wine N Water wine-making experience.

Water N Wine became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in November 2009. It is located at 1125 Bridge St. in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Reach them at (506) 549-4382.


OS Travel Agency

U-Haul Canada dealer OS Travel Agency

OS Travel Agency in Mississauga, Ontario

OS Travel Agency is a travel retailer in the Mississauga community. With both U-Haul equipment and travel deals, OS Travel Agency helps people to relocate or embark on an adventure. Locals can benefit from the agency’s price-match guarantee as well as its expertise in all things travel-related.

Partners Romolo and David DiVito decided to start offering U-Haul equipment due to their available land on the property. OS Travel Agency has seen an increase in customer activity since forming the partnership.

“U-Haul brings in customers who otherwise wouldn’t be coming and building a relationship,” stated Mark Devito, one of the agency’s employees.

OS Travel Agency became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in November 2014. It is located at 3022 Novar Road in Mississauga, Ontario. Reach them at (905) 629-3050.


A1 Pizza Home of the Big Slice

U-Haul Canada dealer A1 Pizza

A1 Pizza Home of the Big Slice in Wolseley, Saskatchewan

A1 Pizza Home of the Big Slice is owned by partners Georgette Sadaka and Abe Aoun and serves foodies in its community. The restaurant is renowned for its homemade dishes and ice cream.

“A1’s menu offers a wide variety of Italian specialties, from our handmade Sicilian and Neapolitan pizzas to our fresh pasta dishes and Italian subs. The Ice Cream HUB 34 Flavor soft ice cream is located on a huge patio, (so you can) stay and enjoy your visit,” Aoun said.

U-Haul truck sharing customers enjoy taking a quick lunch break here as they have their moving needs met. Due to the unique variety of offered products as well as the restaurant’s prime location, this continues to be a successful partnership.

A1 Pizza Home of the Big Slice became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in July 2017. It is located at Hwy. 1 Service Road E. in Wolseley, Saskatchewan. Reach them at (306) 698-8866.


Bizzy B'zz Bookbin

U-Haul Canada dealer Bizzy B’zz Bookbin

Bizzy B’zz Bookbin in Emsdale, Ontario

This family-run new and used bookstore offers customers a variety of reading materials from which to choose, as well as a number of home-school, math and history books.

Due to a lack of U-Haul dealers in the area for more than a decade, owner Peggy Steer decided to make Bizzy B’zz Bookbin a neighborhood dealer and offer her community the convenience of a U-Haul location it had been missing. Since the launch of the partnership, more used books have been circulating through the store as well. Steer and her husband have also used U-Haul to help recover three stolen or missing vehicles in their area.

Bizzy B’zz Bookbin became a neighborhood dealer in February 2014. It is located at 1999 Emsdale Road in Emsdale, Ontario. Reach them at (705) 636-0840.


Crown Cove Cottages

U-Haul Canada dealer Crown Cove Cottages

Crown Cove Cottages in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia

Crown Cove Cottages grants vacationers access to the nearby waters, beautiful views and also a wide variety of U-Haul moving equipment. These pet-friendly, two-bedroom cottages overlook the Annapolis River and offer an array of amenities.

Vacationers suggested that the cottage rentals were an ideal location for a U-Haul dealership, so owner Kevin Burnell decided to follow their advice. According to Burnell, many people who vacation see the U-Haul site, return when they need to rent a truck or trailer, and bring more business to the cottages.

Crown Cove Cottages became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in July 2015. It is located at 4704 Hwy. 1 in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia. Reach them at (902) 532-1369.


Inflow Skate Park

U-Haul Canada dealer Inflow Skate Park

Inflow Bike and Skatepark Park in Dundas, Ontario

Inflow Bike and Skatepark is home to BMX bikes, scooters as well as skateboard enthusiasts. This 12,000-square-foot indoor park offers skaters a supervised environment for recreation, and is one of the only such parks in the area.

Owner Will Truax initially became a U-Haul dealer in order to make the most of his idle time when the park was not open while also provided a needed service to his community.

Inflow Bike and Skatepark became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in June 2017. It is located at 1 Head St. Unit 1 in Dundas, Ontario. Reach them at (905) 689-5726.


Dynamic Training Centre

U-Haul Canada dealer Dynamic Training Centre

Dynamic Training Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Dynamic Training Centre is a personal training and gym facility that pushes its clients to stay motivated and reach their personal fitness goals. With its motto “fitness for all,” clients receive affordable and professional training as well as the push they need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Owner Pat Corkum has seen a positive change since forming the partnership with U-Haul. “More volume is coming in and out of the doors. More people know where I am,” Corkum said. Dynamic Training Centre became a U-Haul dealer because there was local demand. With a full range of hours for accessing moving equipment, families can start and end their experience on their own schedule.

Dynamic Training Center became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in September 2016. It is located at 96 Hodgson Road in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Reach them at (506) 454-6381.


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