Drench Your Boss: Is there a Better Reason to Donate Water?

U-Haul, a longstanding partner of St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, is offering a big push in May with its water drive to lessen the number of thirsty Arizonans.

Glendale Manufacturing Company – the steel fabrication, welding and powder-coating operation for U-Haul – is conducting a three-week water drive at its sprawling 114,000-square-foot facility at 6112 N. 56th Ave. in the West Valley.

Drench Your Boss

The drive culminates on May 25 when GMC holds its annual “Drench Your Boss” event. Over the three weeks, Team Members can donate money toward the water drive in a friendly competition. The winning team earns the right to dump water on its favorite supervisors and managers.

“We’ve been doing this event for three years now and I’ve learned it’s much easier for the people here at the Glendale Manufacturing Company to participate when its set up like this,” said Sandra Diaz, Glendale Manufacturing Company office manager. “The competition makes it fun. And when you don’t have to bring in cases of water, it’s easier to participate. A few bucks can go a long way.”

The original goal of the drive was to raise 50 cases of water. But more than 100 cases were accounted for within the first week.

Giving Back

GMC makes a concerted effort to give back to the community. The “Drench Your Boss” event and water drive has become a staple at the 28-acre site.

“We like to be involved in our community and make a difference,” Diaz said. “It’s so exciting to have a group of people giving back because, as a team, we can help so many more people.”

GMC also hosts a back-to-school drive and participates in other charitable contributions, as does the U-Haul Midtown Campus in Phoenix and the Technical Center in Tempe.

Last September, GMC helped U-Haul donate 15,581 pounds of food (via canned goods and cash) during the Company’s annual food drive for St. Mary’s.

Beat the Heat

Food banks are often low on water during the summer, and with Arizona temperatures hovering over 100 degrees, water donations can be a real difference-maker. The team at GMC is committed to helping St. Mary’s get one step closer to satisfying the increasing need for H2O during the hottest time of year.

“The Arizona summer brings triple-digit heat that puts a strain on our communities,” Diaz noted. “St. Mary’s is collecting water for those who need assistance. Glendale Manufacturing Company is happy to raise awareness and help restock their invaluable water supplies.”

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