U-Haul Scrambles up Dinner for Ronald McDonald House Guests

After a day of hospital visits and prescription pick-ups, a home-cooked meal is calming, comforting and truly appreciated. Understanding this, U-Haul volunteers joined to make dinner for the residents of Ronald McDonald House Charities on May 16 in Midtown Phoenix.

RMHC provides a “home-away-from-home” to families whose children are in the hospital. Meals that Heal, a RMHC program, allows companies like U-Haul to sponsor a nightly dinner prepared by the volunteers.

“When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever,” recalled Bruce Royer, Vice President of U-Haul Internal Audit. “I was hospitalized for months, and the hospital was 70 miles from my home. The drive to visit was a big burden on my parents. It would have been so nice for them, and myself, if they had a place to stay that was near the hospital. RMHC provides just that!”

Commitment to Serve

U-Haul International recently celebrated 50 years being headquartered in the Valley. Since 2015, the do-it-yourself moving company has supported the local chapter of Ronald McDonald House.

U-Haul enriches the communities in which it does business by assisting charitable organizations that address the most basic human needs: food, clothing and shelter. This has long been the scope of U-Haul Company’s community outreach because it views mobility as a basic need for every family, and works to keep costs low to meet that need. Co-founded by a WWII Navy veteran in 1945, U-Haul is a also proud supporter of many military and veteran groups and causes that provide for these basic needs.

“The families at RMHC are going through such difficult situations,” stated Courtney Neyra, U-Haul business analyst. “This volunteer event gives us the opportunity to interact with the people we are serving. It was incredible to see that Team U-Haul made the situation just a little bit easier, at least for one night.”

Breakfast for Dinner

U-Haul Volunteers Cooking at Ronald McDonald House

The sponsored meal chosen by Team U-Haul featured eggs, pancakes, muffins and fresh fruit. Ninety minutes before the scheduled dinner, volunteers arrived to unload groceries. Full pineapples, dozens of eggs and packs of bacon were placed on the counter.

Volunteers split up tasks and began creating the breakfast feast. While mixing the blueberry and cinnamon muffin batter, eggs sizzled on the stove. The fruit was cut and assembled into kabobs.

“I believe companies like U-Haul are socially responsible when they give back to their communities,” Neyra added. “Offering volunteer opportunities helps to increase awareness of social issues that truly matter. U-Haul Company’s activism in the community shows how deeply it cares about others.”  

Grab a Plate

As the clock strikes 6 p.m., RMHC residents file into the kitchen. With wide eyes and empty stomachs, each family patiently waits to fill a plate. As a result, U-Haul volunteers keep the food line stocked with options.

Parents and children grab their food, and afterwards volunteers have the option to join. People of all ages and backgrounds come together at Ronald McDonald House. They share stories, gratitude and laughs around the dinner table.

Every month, U-Haul International offers volunteer opportunities to its Team Members to give back to the community.

Special thanks to U-Haul volunteers on May 16: Erick Acevedo, Kate Bickmore-Fulkerson, Paige Brown, Kelie Budd-Hale, Jeff Lockridge, Armelyn Louis, Courtney Neyra, Alonna Ross, Bruce Royer and Renee Royer.

Did you know U-Haul Team Members surprised a family with a fully furnished home in the St. Louis area this Mother’s Day?

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