Dad Throws U-Haul-Themed Graduation Party for Daughter

Like all parents, Andrew Lewis wanted to celebrate his daughter’s achievement when she graduated from high school. However, for his daughter Lynseymarie’s graduation party, he added a unique spin.

“I have always told her that when she graduated, she was out!” Lewis exclaimed. “We had been planning a party like this for her since second grade, as a joke.”

With that idea in mind, he decided to throw a U-Haul themed shindig.

Your friendly U-Haul Store                          

When planning any event centered around U-Haul, the best thing to do is to go right to the source. So Lewis headed directly to U-Haul Moving and Trailer Hitch Center of Newport News to fulfill his party needs: in this case, a motorcycle trailer.

“I asked him what type of party he was using it for, since he wasn’t getting a typical trailer that you would use to take a kid to college,” general manager Crystal Patterson said. “He explained to me that it was U-Haul-themed for his daughter’s grad party. My brain started racing with ideas.”

Patterson and her team went the extra mile to help make Lewis’ party-planning experience truly one of a kind. She did this not only by finding him the perfect trailer, but also by offering complimentary U-Haul banks as party decorations.

“When my crew and I get unusual requests, we do everything we can to help them out and to make their experience great,” Patterson said. “We ask questions to determine their needs, just like for a normal household move.”

Positive reactions                                                                  

Lewis said that the party was a huge hit, both for his daughter and her friends. “People laughed and kept shaking their heads,” he recalled. “They couldn’t believe that that we were really trying to ‘get rid’ of Lynseymarie.”

In Lewis’ opinion, the party highlights were the U-Haul banks, the trailer full of Lynseymarie’s luggage and boxes, and the U-Haul cake — complete with an edible truck and moving supplies. He expressed appreciation toward Patterson and her Team Members for helping the idea become a reality.

“I like how I was treated at the U-Haul store,” Lewis said. “They went out of their way to make the party better.”

It just goes to show that whether you’re planning a household move or a graduation party, U-Haul will always be on hand to help.

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