U-Haul Mini Trailer Helps 3-Year-Old Win Car Show

Pedal-car aficionados were wowed recently when U-Haul Company of SW Ohio president Drew Case’s 3-year old son, Elliot, showed up at a local pedal car show towing a U-Haul mini trailer behind his pedal car entry.

“I have been entering car shows with various vehicles for more than 20 years,” remarked Case, whose full-size rides include a 1967 Pontiac Firebird and a 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88. “This time, we seized Elliot’s first opportunity to enter, and we won a trophy!”

“They see me rolling …”

Looking at the U-Haul mini trailer, it’s also clear to see why Elliot brought home the gold. Pulled behind a vintage Murray pedal car, it is painted a fabulous shade of U-Haul orange and emblazoned with the classic U-Haul logo of yesteryear. This creative addition to his regular car helped Elliot win the day.

“I purchased the car on eBay several years ago, and I now have two of them,” Case said. “Next time, I’m thinking about adding some mini moving boxes and appliances.”

Representing U-Haul at the car show was a definite milestone for Elliot. According to Case, the toddler fell asleep holding the trophy on the way home, and later woke up excited again.

The U-Haul excitement extends beyond Elliot. As Case declared, “We are a U-Haul family, and always have been.”

It just goes to show that both in and out of the office, Case and his family are proud to be a part of Team U-Haul. Consequently, they have the wheels to prove it.

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