U-Haul Dad Teaches Pre-K Class about Moving Trucks

One U-Haul dad wowed his son’s friends recently when he brought the coolest “show and tell” item that a pre-K class in Holbrook, N.Y., had ever seen.

“They let parents come in and read, or help the kids, so I thought it would be great to blow their minds and bring in a 26-foot truck,” said Michael Nadraus, U-Haul Company of Long Island president. “Little kids and big trucks are always a win!”

Nadraus walked the kids around the truck, from the engine to the cargo area, and showed them the loading ramp and lights. In addition, he brought several dollies and U-Haul boxes, and explained his typical duties as a marketing company president.

“My favorite part was answering their questions and making them smile and laugh,” Nadraus said. “They asked several questions, including things like, ‘What’s under that hood?’, ‘What’s a dolly?’, and much more.”

Each child received a U-Haul goody bag, complete with pens, coloring books and piggy banks.

“Overall, it was a hit,” Nadraus noted. “My son, Micah, was thrilled to share with all his little buddies what Daddy does.”

A U-Haul Family

Consequently, Micah may be joining Nadraus at U-Haul a few years down the road.

“He loves coming to work with me, and is proud every time he sees U-Haul equipment on the road,” Nadraus said. “I’ve asked him what he wants to do when he gets older, and he’s given me the same answer for two years: work with Daddy.”

What lesson learned at U-Haul would Nadraus pass on to his son? The value of hard work.

“When you’re 20 steps ahead, work like you’re 20 steps behind,” he said. “Opportunities are uncovered by hard work.”

Without a doubt, Nadraus and Micah are creating family memories and traditions that will last them a lifetime. It’s clear that U-Haul will also keep playing a central part.

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