U-Haul Digital Design Specialist Celebrates First Art Exhibition

If you ask U-Haul digital design specialist Rachel Camacho how long she has considered herself an artist, she’ll note that it’s been as long as she can remember.

“Even before I learned how to write, I’ve been doing some form of art,” Camacho said. “I would draw what I thought and what I saw, and then see if it made sense on the page.”

Camacho’s passion for art has landed her in the public eye. She recently celebrated her first art exhibition at 180° Automotive, a car dealership and public gallery in Phoenix dedicated to emerging local artists. The exhibition, titled “The Macro in the Micro,” was available for viewing July through September.

Surrounded by artists

Rachel Camacho with patrons
Rachel discussing her work with the exhibit’s patrons.

Before Camacho joined Team U-Haul at its headquarters in Midtown Phoenix, she worked at a small printing company. There, she learned the ropes of production design. However, the business began to slow down, and Camacho eventually decided to look for other opportunities.

“My last day was the in the beginning of September 2016, and by the following week, I had an interview with U-Haul,” Camacho said. “I learned that my job duties would involve skills and abilities that I had never before had the opportunity to put into practice, like mounting and framing products. So getting that hands-on training was a really fun opportunity.”

These days, Camacho still heartily enjoys receiving knowledge and feedback from her fellow Team Members. She passes some along in return. 

“We as a department all love to share our experiences,” Camacho said. “I always appreciate it when my coworkers bring in new information. If I learned how to do something incorrectly in a previous job, I love when my coworkers show me an easier and better way to accomplish my task.”

Seeing the beauty

For Camacho’s current art installation, she decided to focus on three different mediums: watercolor on paper, acrylic on canvas, and oil paint thinner on wood.

“I chose these three mediums because, basically, I like the way that each of them work,” Camacho said. “There’s a more technical side of my brain that’s always fascinated with the actual processes of things. But being an artist, I can see the beauty in them, too.”

This gift for seeing beauty in all parts of life is a source of great joy for Camacho. Now that her work is in the public eye, she hopes to spread that joy to others. That includes her own coworkers.

“I feel like my work environment is an extremely positive one, where I can share achievements like these with my coworkers and not have to worry about interrupting their day,” Camacho said.

With coworkers who support, encourage and help her to do her best, Camacho is in the perfect place to continue growing and learning, both as an artist and a member of Team U-Haul.

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