U-Haul Promotes Safe Trailering at Ford Driving Skills for Life

U-Haul and its local Team Members are joining Ford Driving Skills for Life (FDSL) at 12 different events during 2019. The first event was Feb. 2-3 at NRG Stadium in Houston.

U-Haul field relief manager Steven Davis and area field manager Casey Eaglin were on site promoting the U-Haul public service message to teen drivers on the importance of safe trailering.

Interactive Visual Aid

The U-Haul safe trailering exhibit lets attendees interact with a dynamic visual aid: the Margo Garcia Trailering Demonstrator (MGTD). This teaching tool features a running treadmill with a one-tenth-scaled car; a weight-toting bar attached to the car, representing a trailer; and a wheel for attendees to steer the car.

U-Haul and its local team members are excited to join Ford Driving Skills for Life (FDSL) in 12 different events this year.
U-Haul and its local team members are excited to join Ford Driving Skills for Life (FDSL) in 12 different events this year.

When loaded properly with 60 percent of the cargo weight toward the front of the trailer (in front of the axle), the wheel can be turned abruptly and the trailer remains positioned behind the car.

But when loaded incorrectly with more weight in the back than the front, the MGTD shows that same abrupt turn will cause the trailer to fishtail, whipping dangerously and potentially creating an unrecoverable towing scenario.

The demonstrator provides a hands-on experience to drivers in order to improve overall driving skills and awareness.

Safety First

“Our goal is to educate new drivers on the 60-40 rule and make our roads safer,” said Lindsay Pobieglo, U-Haul community education program manager. “The message is always well received because almost everyone has witnessed an unsafe trailer in some capacity.

“It’s important that young drivers understand the need to load a trailer correctly, with more weight in the front, and to drive carefully. The MGTD is a great tool to show this.”

It is the goal of U-Haul that by educating students on safe towing practices at a young age, they will become the next generation of traffic safety advocates and ensure safer roads for all.

Learn about U-Haul trailers and also what equipment your vehicle can tow at uhaul.com/trailers.

Finally, do you have an event that offers an audience for the MGTD and the U-Haul Safe Trailering message? U-Haul furnishes demonstrators to government, education and industry groups as a public service. Email trailerdemonstrator@uhaul.com to schedule your event.

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