5 Ways Collegeboxes Solves Your Move-Out Day Dilemma

The month of May marks the start of moving season as thousands of college students prepare to journey home, study abroad or begin a new internship. Every student has a different summer plan to chart, but most begin with a common theme: moving off campus … at least until the fall semester.

Collegeboxes was specifically designed with students in mind. Getting personal belongings to a new dorm just became a whole lot easier.

Collegeboxes is designed to assist students in every step of their college adventure; from the first move to campus to the post-grad trip to the new job location.

Needing to simplify your upcoming move at semester’s end? Here is how Collegeboxes can solve your dilemma:

1. Dorm to home, or home to dorm

Getting personal belongings to and from a dorm is as easy as packing and calling the Collegeboxes at-home service to retrieve the boxes.

“We do all the lifting,” Collegeboxes director Scott Lee said. “All the moving is taken care of. We go into the room, pick up the boxes and any items you want us to take, even larger items like bicycles and refrigerators, and store them for the summer or ship them to a destination. Using this service eliminates the need to share trucks, trailers or storage spaces.”

The at-home service saves students a trip to a shipping center and prevents mom and dad from breaking their backs as box lifters.

2. Studying abroad

With the international option, Collegeboxes ships your items anywhere across the globe. Students who are studying abroad will rest easy knowing their belongings are being safely stored and shipped at their convenience.

Collegeboxes also offers 24/7 customer service so changing time zones won’t interfere.

3. Travel home, but leave your things

Collegeboxes can store your items in climate-controlled, secure warehouses over the summer and then ship everything back to you when school starts. Certainly minimizes the checked luggage and carry-ons when making those summer flights, huh? It’s that simple.

“Our service saves the time and stress of making your own reservations, coordinating multiple flights for parents and students, baggage fees, car rental, gas, hotel and the pressure on your body to lift heavy items,” Collegeboxes program manager Sophia Hutchinson said. “Collegeboxes takes all of the above out of the equation. Just pack and watch the savings add up.”  

4. Moving supplies

Collegeboxes Supply Kits include five double-walled boxes, packing tape, a permanent marker, 10 label pouches and zip ties. The average student uses five boxes, but additional items are available for purchase. Students can create a free account at Collegeboxes.com and FedEx® ships items directly to your house.

5. Convenience at 175 schools

Collegeboxes began serving students in 1999 and is now available at 175 universities and boarding schools across the U.S.

Powered by U-Haul since 2009, Collegeboxes offers assistance almost anywhere. It is currently serving some of the largest colleges in the nation, including The Ohio State University, Arizona State University and Penn State, just to name a few.

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