Monack’s Service Station Hits 60-Year U-Haul Milestone

Many of the most notable accomplishments in life begin with doing a small and simple thing.

Art Monack Jr., of Monack’s Service Station and U-Haul Dealership, knows a thing or two about notable accomplishments. His store, which opened in 1958 in the southwestern Pennsylvania town of Charleroi, celebrated 60 years of serving U-Haul customers.

Art Monack Sr. was the owner from 1958 to 1996, when he passed the reins to his son. Monack Jr. noted that consistency, hard work and customer service helped the business reach this milestone.

“My most important job”

As Monack reminisced on 60 years of U-Haul service, he spoke to some of the changes that have occurred.

Monack Jr. and dad
Monack Jr. and Monack Sr. “back in the day.”

“When my father first became a U-Haul dealer, the only thing we had was trailers,” Monack reflects. “After a while, we started renting trucks as well.

“We didn’t have a computer back then, so we did everything on handwritten contracts. We would take inventory by hand. So when computers became more widespread, it was an incredible thing to see the inventory and everything else on the screen instead of a piece of paper. U-Haul has continuously improved and grown as time has gone on.”

Now, even though he works alone, Monack goes above and beyond to assist every individual walking through his doors.

Adds Monack: “The first step to success as a U-Haul dealer is simply to be here. Be available to help out each and every individual who may be in need of your assistance. Simply put, it can’t happen if you’re not here. Even though I’m the chief cook and bottle-washer here, so to speak, serving the customer will still always be my most important job.”

Monack in front of white truck
Monack carries on the proud legacy of service that was originally started in 1958.

Bob Bourgeois, owners representative for U-Haul Company of Pittsburgh, saw Monack’s impact in person. While speaking with a French-born elderly woman at his location one day, Bourgeois was impressed to learn that Monack had helped her move 20 years earlier — and she still recalled the high quality of service she received.

“Art’s community wholeheartedly embraces him and his U-Haul dealership,” Bourgeois shares. “Thanks to him, members of the Monongahela Valley have an essential service that helps them to be mobile.”

Dedication to his customers

Chris Woodward, the U-Haul area field manager for Charleroi, describes Monack as a “go-getter.”

“Art’s an extremely friendly and knowledgeable person,” Woodard says. “After 60 years, he knows so much about (U-Haul) that I look forward to visiting and learning from him. At the same time, he has this inspirational drive to constantly better himself.”

Customer service representative Merle Baker at U-Haul Moving and Storage of Greensburg had the privilege of collaborating with Monack. In addition to being Monack’s area field manager for several years, Baker helped refinish Monack’s 1962 NHRA record-winning Corvette. Although Monack, a former drag racer, doesn’t drive it anymore, it stands as a testament to their friendship and teamwork.

“Art Monack Sr. was one of my best dealers,” Baker says. “Today, Art Jr. continues to go above and beyond to serve his customers and their needs.”

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