Tribute Journey Honors Veterans at Albuquerque VA

Team Members from U-Haul Companies of Northern and Southern New Mexico recently joined forces with Gold Star Mother and artist Kathryn Cross to honor veterans in Albuquerque.

Tribute Journey
Cross visits with a veteran in Albuquerque

The group delivered Tribute Journey greeting cards and patriotic gift bags to veterans and active-duty military service members at the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center.

Tribute Journey greeting cards are expressions of appreciation, handcrafted by Cross, that serve as a tribute to her son, OSSN Tyler J. Connely, who gave his life serving his country.

200K Cards Per Year

Each year, Cross creates new illustrations and poetic verses for six holiday seasons. More than 200,000 cards are printed and shipped out annually from U-Haul headquarters in Phoenix. U-Haul, which was co-founded by a WWII Navy veteran, supports veteran organizations and causes as part of its longstanding community objectives.

Team U-Haul delivers greeting cards to veterans

Cards are distributed at military bases and VA hospitals, and are even sent to Navy ships at sea.

Cross and Team U-Haul were welcomed by more than 200 veterans and hospital staff members as they hand delivered the cards and gift bags, and gave hugs and many heartfelt thanks, throughout the Albuquerque VA.

U-Haul Veterans Thankful

“Being a veteran myself, and having the opportunity to join Kathryn Cross for the fourth time on a visit to the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center to say thank you to all the veterans, was another awesome experience,” noted Tom Neill, president of the U-Haul Company of Northern New Mexico. “I am so proud that U-Haul sponsors such a great cause.”

Cross and U-Haul Senior Community Relations Specialist Ashleigh Wagner

Cross gifted each U-Haul volunteer with a Tribute Journey Challenge Coin as a small token of her appreciation.

“I am so very honored and proud to serve with the amazing Team U-Haul veterans and volunteers from New Mexico as we thank our military service members and veterans,” Cross said. “Thank you, all of you, for a wonderful morning of service.”

Pre-inspection specialist for Kar-Go Albuquerque and former Marine Todd Milton, who joined Cross while visiting veterans bedside, added: “I was feeling very thankful. What an incredible honor to participate and be able to say thank you to fellow veterans.”

Always Remembered

U-Haul is extremely proud to have partnered with Cross, who began the Tribute Journey 10 years ago to communicate to service members that they will never be forgotten. Since then, 1.2 million cards have been printed and delivered to veterans around the world!

Thanks to each U-Haul Team Member who pitched in to make the Tribute Journey visit to the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center such a success. 

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