Mental Health Benefits: U-Haul Expands Resources to 30K Team Members

U-Haul® International is shining a light on mental health as it expands benefits and resources for more than 30,000 Team Members across the U.S. and Canada.

The industry leader in DIY moving and self-storage is partnering with ComPsych® to offer its Team Members comprehensive mental and emotional support in their daily lives. There is no employee cost for this added benefit.

Introducing “You Matter”

The “You Matter” program provides full- and part-time U-Haul Team Members, as well as every person in their respective households, access to ComPsych’s professional staff for counseling – up to five sessions per issue, per year – for an unlimited number of life situations.

Beyond counseling, the program addresses a wide scope of wellness needs. There is even a concierge service to assist with tedious life challenges like finding childcare help. Legal and financial direction is also available.

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“It is often overlooked in our society, but acknowledging and addressing mental health is very important,” stated John “J.T.” Taylor, President of U-Haul International. “These issues are real, growing, and in so many cases, people don’t know where to obtain help.

“A complete wellness program means meeting the mental, physical and financial needs of our team. In addition to having a benefits package that attracts top job candidates, we want to be sure that we are taking the best possible care of our Team Members and their families. If we take care of our Team Members, they will take care of our customers.”

Easy to Use, Completely Confidential

Addressing mental health is part of a broader U-Haul initiative to empower Team Members to improve their overall well-being and work-life balance. The “You Matter” program was implemented on Sept. 20.

This new service is available via phone 24/7/365 in English, French and Spanish. Team Members also have portal access, a private log-in and are guaranteed confidentiality with their ComPsych professionals. U-Haul can request on-site counselors in specific scenarios.

“The overall health of Team Members and their families has always been a top priority at U-Haul,” said Monique Wantland, U-Haul Wellness Program Manager. “We often issue Company-wide surveys, and the response to mental wellness was overwhelming. We had to do more. This new partnership offers the tools to move forward. We want to make our Team Members’ lives easier and truly support them.”

U-Haul does not require that Team Members enroll in the Company’s medical plan or other benefits to take advantage of the mental health program.

Broader Wellness Initiative

Four years ago, U-Haul employed its “Healthier U” initiative to address Team Member wellness across four areas: health, mindset, nutrition and fitness. This initiative has come to present Team Members with gym and personal trainer reimbursements, nicotine cessation assistance, registered dietitian plans, health fairs, a monthly farmer’s market on the U-Haul Midtown Campus in Phoenix, healthy foods served in the corporate café and vending machines, an online portal with healthy recipes and challenges, an annual U-Haul Active Day where Team Members and their families exercise at a variety of group activities and events, the “You Matter” program for mental health, and much more.

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