Partnering with U-Haul: Better than Any Franchise for Sale

Want to grow your small business and make thousands with no investment? That’s precisely what U-Haul has been doing for small business owners since 1945 through our neighborhood dealer program.

U-Haul is now expanding its dealer network and actively seeking local partners in the U.S. and Canada who wish to increase their profits while opening a zero-investment dealership.

Franchise opportunities can be complicated, constraining and require a substantial financial commitment up front. That’s not how U-Haul became the industry leader in DIY moving and self-storage.

Partnerships over Franchises

U-Haul forms simple, supportive partnerships with independent businesses that have available space on their lots for U-Haul trucks and trailers, and some available time to assist our customers and prepare equipment to be dispatched. Our dealers are motivated to create a secondary income stream while helping their neighbors meet their moving needs with superb customer service.

It costs no money to become a U-Haul dealer. There is no financial commitment. No risk. And minimal labor. That avoids the countless obstacles that top franchises present.

The financial upside to being a U-Haul dealer is significant. Dealerships earn commissions off equipment transactions originating from their locations. Commissions can approach, and even reach, 22% per transaction. The more equipment that is dispatched, the more dealers will boost their bottom lines – simply by maximizing their time and lot space.

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If U-Haul structured its network like other large organizations, it would be the best franchise to own … not to mention the lowest cost franchise to open. But the U-Haul structure is much easier and more dealer-friendly.

Products in Demand Equal Profits

This successful model is no secret. More than 20,000 independent dealers offer our trucks and trailers. They are everywhere, from densely populated cities to remote country towns. In fact, U-Haul dealers account for more than 90% of U-Haul locations. Many of our dealers have been serving the DIY moving public in their community for decades. Some partnerships are nearly as old as U-Haul itself.

At the core of U-Haul is a shared-business model: communities sharing our equipment, rather than individuals owning large-capacity vehicles, to provide more people access to mobility at a low cost.

The way we see it, our shared-business model cannot work without small businesses. The first U-Haul trailers were dispatched from service stations along the West Coast for $2 a day in the 1940s. Ever since U-Haul was co-founded by a U.S. Navy veteran as WWII was coming to an end, the Company has been partnering with local businesses to reach more customers in more places.

Members of the U-Haul dealer network range from self-storage facilities and auto repair shops, to flea markets and furniture stores, to bowling alleys and ice cream parlors.

Make thousands with no investment? It’s no gimmick. It’s the U-Haul way. It beats any franchise for sale, and now U-Haul is seeking new dealers to join the team.

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