Midtown Farmers Market Hosted by U-Haul Opens 2020 Spring Season

U-Haul International is hosting the Midtown Farmers Market for the third spring season. The event provides the Midtown Phoenix community with a chance to gather and support local, sustainable business practices.

The first 2020 farmers market on Feb. 4 offered a wide range of vendors selling local food, fresh produce and Arizona-made goods. With Valentine’s Day upcoming, many vendors had heart-shaped treats and love-themed gifts for sale.

“We’re excited to kick off our third year hosting the market,” said Alexia Bednarz, U-Haul Community Advocate for Corporate Sustainability.

“Our objective is to provide U-Haul Midtown Campus Team Members with convenient access to local healthy foods. In doing so, we’re connecting with nearby businesses and neighbors to participate in a culture of community, health and wellness. U-Haul continually aims to be a positive and integral member of the community. The success of the Midtown Farmers Market is a perfect example.”

Highlighting Local Charities

U-Haul invites dozens of neighboring businesses as well as farmers to ensure purchases support the local economy. In addition to supporting Arizona residents, 10% of market proceeds go to rotating partner charities.

Thanks to its supporters, the Midtown Farmers Market has raised thousands of dollars for nonprofits such as the American Cancer Society, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Mary’s Food Bank and Andre House.

“Supporting our community is important, and the farmers market gives our charity partners the chance to showcase their organizations,” added Megan McDermott, U-Haul Community Relations Specialist. “They are able to highlight their positive work while benefiting from the event proceeds. Farmers market attendees are always eager to support a good cause.”

The next Midtown Farmers Market hosted by U-Haul will be April 14. It will also serve as a prelude to Bike to Work Day on April 15.

Finally, U-Haul is proud to make the health and wellness of its Team Members a top priority. The Company broke ground on its multi-million dollar conference and fitness center in December.

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