Team U-Haul Climbs to Conquer Cancer with ACS

U-Haul has participated in the American Cancer Society’s Climb to Conquer Cancer since 1993, raising $744,134 to fight the disease. The Company is grateful for the 3,050 U-Haul Team Members, their families and friends who have helped make this possible by taking part in the annual Phoenix event.

2020 Impact

Year after year, Team U-Haul goes above and beyond to show its dedication and passion toward conquering cancer. U-Haul Team Members worked diligently to raise funds to help support the mission of the ACS. This year, the 116 participants of Team U-Haul raised $29,684.

Why We Climb

Aaron Barwise, U-Haul Senior Manager of Sales:  “I am walking for the first time this year. I plan to contribute every year hereafter. After sharing my story with those around me, I realize that EVERYONE has been affected by cancer in one way or another. It may seem like an endless fight. But if one victory comes from the battle, then it will be worth every effort.” 

Eva Franco, U-Haul Lead Utility Billing and Analysis: “I do the Climb to Conquer Cancer for the 13 people in my life who can’t (participate); for the ones still here; and the ones who have gone on without me. The fight to get to the top of the mountain does not compare to those fighting this terrible disease.”

Robin Harrison, U-Haul Lead Point of Sale Support: “In 1984, my father, Axel Nielsen, was diagnosed with colon cancer. He passed away the next year. I participate in the Climb to Conquer Cancer each year to honor him and the fight he underwent. It has become one way I stay involved so that others may not have to suffer as he did.”

Karen Schneidmiller, U-Haul Product Support Specialist: “I’ve had a couple of minor and easily treatable diagnoses. But I was motivated to walk in support of a close friend and uncle. I was also inspired by my mother who suffered from a rare blood disease. Research funding is why my mother survived until the age of 82. Supporting ACS is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to an organization that was there for my mother. It may have had a large part in the long life she lived.”

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