U-Haul and the Tribute Journey Thank Everyday Heroes

U-Haul recently thanked healthcare workers at the Phoenix VA Hospital through the delivery of special Tribute Journey “heroes” greeting cards.

Tribute Journey Heroes Greeting Card
Team U-Haul prepares the Tribute Journey heroes cards for delivery to the Phoenix VA Hospital

Tribute Journey greeting cards are expressions of appreciation, handcrafted by longtime U-Haul charity partner Kathryn Cross, U.S. Navy Gold Star Mother and founder of the Tribute Journey. The cards serve as a tribute to her son, OSSN Tyler J. Connely, who gave his life serving his country.

Each year, Cross creates new illustrations and poetic verses for six holiday seasons. U-Haul prints and ships more than 200,000 cards annually from its headquarters.

Everyday Heroes

This unique heroes card was illustrated by Cross — not for a particular holiday season — but as a way to thank all the courageous healthcare workers; emergency medical technicians; first responders including police officers and firefighters; and essential workers who have bravely served our communities every day. Their care and contributions have been invaluabe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The poetic verse on the inside of the card reads:

Thank you for your service. From sea to shining sea and all across the land, we would like to thank you as we join with grateful hearts and hands. For the service and sacrifice you’ve made for us all, a grateful nation thanks you. Proudly, Team U-Haul.

Team Effort

U-Haul Team Members printed, folded and stuffed more than 2,000 cards into envelopes before making the special delivery. The cards offered U-Haul a way to thank Phoenix VA healthcare workers for the sacrifices they make for our veterans. Not just during the COVID-19 pandemic, but every day.

Phoenix has been home to U-Haul since 1967, with its corporate campus just a few blocks from the VA Hospital.

With the help of Phoenix VA Public Affairs, heroes cards were gifted to healthcare workers throughout departments on the main campus, as well as those in community outpatient clinics.

Many Thanks

Tribute Journey Heroes Greeting Card
Tribute Journey heroes cards arrive at the Phoenix VA Hospital for distribution to our essential healthcare workers

Public Affairs Program Support Assistant Penny Craft facilitated the delivery. Craft noted: “Thank you so much for the cards, and thank you for thinking to share with us. Our staff here at the VA were really excited to open the cards, and we received a lot of positive feedback.”

U-Haul also mailed Cross 2,000 cards for her to deliver to everyday heroes in her home state of Connecticut.

“I am so thankful for this opportunity. The Tribute Journey has given me a reason to push through so many tough times. Not just this year, but many over the years,” Cross stated. “I am so grateful for Team U-Haul and everyone who has helped us make the card project the success that is today.”

A significant portion of U-Haul Company’s community outreach goes toward honoring veterans and supporting veterans organizations, as well as causes like the Tribute Journey. U-Haul was founded by a WWII-era Navy veteran and his wife in 1945.

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