Jalopnik Article Reviews U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer

U-Haul motorcycle trailers are affordable, lightweight and easy to tow. Jalopnik, an online automotive and transportation news site, took notice.

Jalopnik reporter Bradley Brownell profiled the U-Haul motorcycle trailer, its affordability and its ease of use. In a Jalopnik.com story posted on Sept. 29., Brownell discussed his experience towing the trailer both empty and with a 540-pound Ducati® motorcycle.

The piece entitled U-Haul’s Motorcycle Trailer is Really Good but you Can’t Ever Own One looks at Brownell’s 500-mile round-trip towing experience.

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“These compact aluminum trailers are so incredibly easy to use,” Brownell wrote. “I pulled in and had the trailer on my car in two shakes. The company employees can easily move them around the lot by hand because they are so lightweight, and they have U-Haul [Company’s] unique “handwheel” hitch lock coupler, which is quick and simple to lock the trailer onto your car’s 2″ ball. In and out in minutes.”

Shannon Colman, program manager of the U-Haul trailers division, noted that the 7’8″ x 3’9.5″ motorcycle trailer has a maximum towing capacity of 950 pounds with almost 30 square feet of deck space for more loading opportunities.

“The U-Haul motorcycle trailer was specifically engineered for bike enthusiasts,” Colman said. “Whether you’re transporting a motorcycle across town for repairs, or picking up your new bike, U-Haul Company’s motorcycle trailer will work for you.”

Read more about the U-Haul motorcycle trailer at Jalopnik.com or click here.

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