Propane is a Reliable Fuel for Heating Homes, but Exercise Safety

Freezing temperatures androlling power outages have many residents seeking warmth and relief from the fierce winter storms blanketing much of the U.S.

At times like this, propane is a dependable heating source when other forms of energy are being limited to residents, or simply made unavailable. However, even during the most trying times, it is paramount to put safety first when operating propane heaters indoors.

“With rolling blackouts occurring across Texas and other areas of the country, people will be using propane heaters to stay warm,” said Steve Dudley, U-Haul Vice President of Retail Sales.

“Everyone using these heaters needs to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If the heater is designed to be used outside, do not bring it indoors. Look at the owner’s manual for product guidelines. Be safe and responsible.”

Dudley noted that severe winter storms can elicit propane-related accidents – namely house fires stemming from an outdoor propane appliance being brought into a home or garage, where there are typically nearby ignition sources.

“Propane is a great fuel because there is ample supply. The U.S. is the world’s largest refiner of propane,” Dudley added. “Propane is affordable and clean-burning. It has many benefits. But always respect the product and be safe with it.”

Finding a Propane Location

U-Haul, the largest U.S. retailer of propane since 1987, serves thousands of propane customers daily at more than 1,150 Company-owned and -operated stores where the fuel is offered. Find a refill station near you at

Propane is currently available at locations across the U-Haul network despite the winter storms, with some temporary exceptions in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, where supplier deliveries have been slowed.

Because propane-fueled BBQ grills, fire pits and tables, and outdoor heaters for residential and restaurant use continue to grow in popularity, many retailers that offer tank exchanges have been out of filled cylinders for much of the winter.

“The ongoing trend of empty propane exchange cages at other retailers is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Dudley said. “More people are staying home and enjoying their backyards. That means more propane sales.”

Find new U-Haul propane tanks and propane heaters at Tanks are also available in-store and have a 12-year initial certification lifespan. U-Haul promotes sustainable solutions through its core business model of truck and trailer sharing; by reusing old and often vacant buildings for its new stores, cutting down on new-construction emissions and helping cities reduce their unwanted inventory of unused buildings; by curbing emissions through fuel efficiency and the proximity of neighborhood dealers to residential areas; by offering green products like the reusable plastic Ready-To-Go Box, biodegradable packing peanuts, boxes made from recycled cardboard, and furniture blankets made from recycled denim; through in-store programs like Take A Box, Leave A Box and Re-Use Centers that serve as redistribution hubs for gently used household furnishings; and by selling clean-burning propane as well as propane autogas for alternative fuel vehicles and fleets.

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