Moving Into My First Home: A U-Haul Experience

U-Haul Public Relations intern Brady Vernon offers a first-person account of a graduate school student and his soon-to-be bride moving into their first home just outside Phoenix:

I’ve found improbable ways to fit more stuff than I should be able in my 3 series BMW. Any person that grew up with divorced parents like I did has gone through the checklist and figured out the real-life Tetris game with their items to go back-and-forth between houses. However, as my fiancé and I recently closed on our first home together, I knew I couldn’t fit everything into my trusty steed.

The solution to my problem was right in front of me: a U-Haul® truck. We made the reservation, a very easy process, and I asked my dad for help. His assistance lifting heavier items made the move pretty swift, despite him yelling at me because of his own poor communication (a typical dad move).

The 15-foot truck easily fit the king mattress and box springs my grandparents graciously gifted us. Additionally, there was our unopened dining room chairs, two bookcases and my clothes, which truly might be more than my fiancé has. The U-Haul truck also held my outrageous collection of Funko Pop bobbleheads with relative ease. It’s crazy to think this isn’t even one of the three biggest truck options U-Haul offers, which range from 10 feet all the way up to 26 feet at more than 23,000 rental locations.

My favorite part of our moving experience was the equipment drop-off. We weren’t on a tight deadline to return the truck. My dad was going to drop the truck at the original location we picked it up from because it was closer to his house and my former place of living. U-Haul will let you do that after normal business hours. That allowed me, my fiancé and her family, and my dad to spend time together that normally we don’t get being more than an hour apart from one another.

I’ve been really excited to have all my stuff in one place for the first time in my life. This was a big move in my life. U-Haul made my transition into my first home very easy and inexpensive. They helped me start a new chapter. For any first-time homeowner, or any person moving into a new home, I couldn’t imagine a better brand to use than U-Haul. They’ve been the experts since 1945 for a reason.

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