U-Haul Cheers, Thanks Veterans as Phoenix Parade Returns

U-Haul Company’s ongoing commitment to honoring veterans and supporting their causes was on display last Thursday, as it is every Nov. 11 in the streets of Midtown Phoenix.

The 25th annual Phoenix Veterans Day Parade was a welcomed sight after the event’s hiatus in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees lined the streets across the lengthy parade route as participants passed by and thanked veterans in the crowd.

U-Haul Team Member Carl White resumed his customary role as the crowd-stirring, bullhorn-toting lead cheerleader with plenty of “God Bless America!” and “Support Our Troops!” chants, accompanied by the occasional call of “Let’s Go U-Haul.”

There were more than 80 Team Members, some joined by friends and family, who walked in the parade. U-Haul is a longtime fixture in the Phoenix event, as well as the Veterans Day Parade in New York City. U-Haul also took part in the Prescott (Ariz.) Veterans Day Parade this year.

U-Haul Honors, Helps and Hires Veterans

Local admiration for the commitment of Phoenix-headquartered U-Haul to honor, help and hire veterans continues to grow among the masses of parade spectators. Team Members handed American flags to children as U-Haul trucks donning the Company’s popular U.S. Armed Forces SuperGraphics rolled by to gracious applause.

U-Haul, founded by a WWII Navy veteran and his wife in 1945, was built on the backs of service members returning home from the war. These veterans went on to become many of the first U-Haul Team Members, neighborhood dealers and customers, seeking to move their families to a better life.

Today, U-Haul actively recruits veterans and gives them preference in the hiring process. The Company has been recognized through the years as one of the top veteran-friendly employers in the U.S. U-Haul also earmarks a significant portion of its annual charity contributions to assist veteran organizations and veteran causes.

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