Amid Soaring Gas Prices, DIY Movers Turn to U-Haul for Cost Savings

Jun 9, 2022

With summer moving season underway, families need affordable solutions to offset high fuel costs – leading them to the value of U-Haul rentals

As rocketing gas prices and runaway inflation put the squeeze on families planning to move this summer, the cost comparison of rental trucks and their fuel-saving features becomes magnified.

About 45% of all residential moves typically take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

The public’s need for affordable solutions is expected to steer more customers to U-Haul®, whose low base rates for in-town rentals remain unchanged and the fuel-savings features on its equipment are still unmatched in the do-it-yourself moving industry.

Accessibility means cost savings

U-Haul offers more than 23,000 rental locations across its network, meaning U-Haul equipment is the closest option to residents in nearly every U.S. and Canadian market. This accessibility translates to less travel for picking up and dropping off rental equipment, which equates to less fuel used and more money saved.

Additionally, the U-Haul team continues to build on decades of advancements creating the most aerodynamic and low-profile moving trucks in the industry.

“No one likes paying for more fuel than they have to, especially when prices feel like they are going up every day,” stated Trevor Wise, U-Haul Rotation Truck Program Manager. “Our fuel-efficient features are designed with customers in mind. For those people considering a move across town using a personal or borrowed vehicle to make multiple trips, they may find that they will actually save on fuel costs, as well as the added benefit of easier loading and unloading, by utilizing equipment designed for the job.”

Reserve equipment at or contact Reservations at 1-800-GO-UHAUL.

U-Haul Truck FeaturesBenefits
Unleaded gasUnleaded is a cheaper and cleaner fuel option than diesel, which is used by several U-Haul competitors; diesel costs 30 cents more per gallon, on average, than unleaded
Low-profile rounded corners and advanced chassis skirtsReduces wind drag and improves fuel economy up to 20%
Fuel economy gaugesReal-time feedback for optimizing fuel consumption; can save up to 25% of fuel intake
Patented aerodynamic high-visibility mirrorsIncreases visibility on the road and creates less wind drag
Properly inflated radial tiresU-Haul trucks are inspected before dispatch and proper tire inflation saves about 3% on fuel costs
Low decksEasier to load, and also reduces turbulence under the truck for better fuel economy

Wise suggests slowing down, easing into the gas pedal when accelerating, and choosing the ideal truck size for your move are important cost-saving factors.

Tips for reducing your U-Haul truck fuel consumption:

  • Select the size truck that will allow for moving in one trip. Fewer trips equals less gas.
  • Drive steadily. Avoiding aggressive habits like hard accelerating and frequent braking to keep the fuel economy gauge in the green.
  • Tow your personal car behind the U-Haul truck to avoid driving two vehicles.
  • Plan trips in advance with the fewest deviations from the ultimate destination.
  • Consider a smaller truck with better MPG and towing a trailer for extra cargo.
  • Take public transit to and from U-Haul rental locations to eliminate the need for a second vehicle picking up or dropping off customers.

While the value and benefits of U-Haul trucks are clear, the most economically efficient way to transport items and manage fuel costs remains towing a U-Haul trailer. U-Haul offers a full line of enclosed cargo and open utility trailers starting at a daily base rate of $14.95.

U-Haul trailers do not require gas, are easy to tow and include unlimited miles. U-Haul cargo trailers are aerodynamic and lightweight, have lockable doors and offer weather protection. On the other hand, U-Haul utility trailers are perfect for towing oversized and odd-shaped items, have heavyweight tie-down rings and provide multiple models with ramps for easy loading.

All U-Haul trucks can tow a U-Haul trailer, and most U-Haul-owned and -operated stores offer professional trailer hitch installation on personal vehicles by appointment.

“The great thing about being the industry leader for 77 years is the ability to offer our customers the best daily rates,” Wise said. “Customers can still rent an in-town U-Haul pick-up truck, cargo van or 10-foot box truck for a base rate of only $19.95 per day. This price has been unchanged for years. Our largest truck, the 26-foot model, has a base rate of only $39.95 per day for an in-town rental.

“Thanks to the size of fleet and our emphasis on sharing the equipment with as many families as possible, we have the unique ability to keep rates low and provide ongoing financial relief to U-Haul customers’ wallets.”

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