Paul Parker Named President of U-Haul Co. of Northeastern Ontario

Paul Parker has been named marketing company president of U-Haul Co. of Northeastern Ontario (Co. 942).

Parker saw a sign several years ago that changed his professional life. Specifically, a “we’re hiring” sign in front of a U-Haul store.

Paul Parker

“In 2015, I had just finished using a U-Haul trailer for a one-way move and went to drop off the trailer at the local U-Haul store,” Parker said. “I had been on the receiving end of amazing customer service throughout my move and was deeply impressed with U-Haul. When I saw the “we’re hiring” sign outside, it caught my interest, and I decided to apply for a job.”

Parker joined U-Haul as a moonlighting customer service representative at U-Haul Moving and Storage of Ottawa. From there, he served as an area field manager for UHC of Western Québec, general manager of U-Haul Moving and Storage of Orleans, and traffic control manager of 942. Now, he has begun an exciting new chapter as MCP of 942.

“I feel a strong sense of loyalty to U-Haul for giving me so many growth opportunities,” Parker said. “Each position that I’ve held in this organization has helped me to strengthen my skills and my know-how, and I plan on using what I’ve learned to benefit my team in any way I can.”

Leading by Example

Throughout his years of service in Ontario, Parker has become familiar with Co. 942’s many strengths and identified a few areas where it has room to become even better.

“The population of northeastern Ontario has steadily grown over the past few years, with more people moving here each day,” Parker said. “To make sure that Co. 942 continues to provide everyone with the absolute best in moving and self-storage options, I want to focus on three plans of action: building more U-Haul stores, adding more neighborhood U-Haul dealers and Self-Storage Affiliates, and strengthening public awareness of the U-Box program. If we want to conquer the competition and remain on top, then these are vital steps we must take.”

Parker expressed his appreciation for the mentors who have guided and influenced him throughout his U-Haul career, with a special shoutout to former Co. 849 MCP Claude Boucher.

“Claude retired late last year, but I will always owe him a debt of gratitude for patiently helping me learn the ins and outs of U-Haul when I was new and inexperienced,” Parker said. “In addition, District 14 Area District Vice President Jake Spelic is always willing to lend me a hand whenever needed. He is a strong source of support, and I’m extremely proud to call him my ADVP.”

Said Spelic: “Paul is the epitome of a good listener who genuinely cares about everyone he knows. He’s an intelligent, calming presence in any situation, and chooses to lead with kindness and empathy. I’m excited to see how he’ll use his considerable field experience to strengthen, guide and expand the relatively new Co. 942, and I fully believe that he will do a fantastic job.”

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