Chad Farren Promoted to U-Haul ADVP of District 2

Chad Farren has proven himself an effective leader throughout his 16-year U-Haul career. Now he’s ready for another leadership opportunity as the area district vice president (ADVP) of District 2.

Farren joined U-Haul in 2006 as the general manager of U-Haul Moving and Storage of Hemet (Calif.). He served in that role for four years before being named field relief manager for U-Haul Co. of San Fernando Valley (Co. 714) in 2010.

U-Haul District 2 ADVP Chad Farren

In 2012, Farren was named Co. 714 president, the position he held until this promotion. Farren is excited to lead District 2 to new heights.

“District 2 is a great team full of talented people, and we have a lot of opportunities for growth,” Farren said. “I look forward to increasing the know-how of our Team Members while always reinforcing the primary service objective. By focusing on our fundamental principles, I know this team will grow and reach new levels of success.”

Farren’s history of leadership at U-Haul and his successes as a marketing company president during the past 10 years have made it clear that he is ready to be an ADVP, according to U-Haul Executive Vice President Jeremy Frank.

“Chad has been a proven leader in Co. 714, and he has built a really strong team,” Frank said. “He excels at attracting talent to his team and ensures that they get the know-how they need to be successful. I am excited to see Chad use his talents to support and lead District 2 to an even higher performance.”

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