U-Haul Appoints New Recruiting Manager in Jaris Scott

Aug 20, 2023

One of the best ways to grow your status as a veteran-friendly employer is to put a U.S. Army veteran is charge of your company’s recruiting efforts.

That’s what U-Haul International has done with Jaris Scott, who was recently named Recruiting Manager for the industry leader in DIY moving and self-storage.

Scott has lived a life full of hard work and dedication. From his active-duty Army stint in Texas, Virginia and several locations in the Middle East, to his professional experience as a recruiting manager for the largest staffing firm in the country, he has always pushed himself to achieve new heights of success.

In his new role with U-Haul, Scott plans to utilize his diverse skills to boost recruitment efforts in measurable and impactful ways.

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“One of my No.1 priorities is enhancing our team’s veteran-recruitment initiatives,” Scott said. “Veterans have ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills that are invaluable in the professional world, and I want to empower as many veterans as possible to join Team U-Haul.”

U-Haul a Reputable Leader

Scott joined U-Haul in 2022 as a corporate and technical recruiter. He immediately discovered that U-Haul was a unique organization.

“I’d done some research while I was applying to U-Haul, so I knew that the Company was a family-oriented industry pioneer,” Scott said. “Once I officially became a Team Member, I quickly noticed how many anniversary-related stories kept popping up on uhaul.net and in my inbox. It was astonishing to me how many Team Members have been with U-Haul for 20, 30 or more years.”

Moving forward, Scott wants to help others experience that same sense of connection and belonging that he felt when first joining U-Haul.

“I think that we as recruiters have many tools to help us promote U-Haul, including attending local and national events and marketing the Company through digital media,” Scott said. “U-Haul provides Team Members with incredible benefits and opportunities. I look forward to brainstorming innovative ways with the help of the Recruiting team to utilize these benefits and opportunities to attract top talent.”

Carrying the Torch

Scott credits much of his U-Haul success to Wellness Manager and former Recruiting Manager Monique Harty, who is now leading the charge on projects that will enhance benefits offerings for current Team Members.

“She allowed me to take chances and try new things outside of my regular responsibilities, which has undoubtedly helped prepare me for this new phase of my career,” Scott said.

“Jaris is an extremely driven person with exemplary leadership skills,” added U-Haul Chief of Staff Jessica Lopez. “As one of the first U-Haul Team Members that many applicants meet, he’s kind, approachable and passionate about our one-of-a-kind Company. He is a person of integrity. People in and out of U-Haul quickly gravitate to him because they can tell he’s someone who’s worth getting to know.”

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