Detroit Revitalization: Interview with Challenge Detroit’s, Deirdre Green Groves

We have shared a few posts about Challenge Detroit, and have learned about many of the Challenge Detroit projects through our community bloggers.  Through these relationships we’ve learned that we all share a similar vision, to contribute to the Detroit revitalization efforts.  Challenge Detroit is about uniting a group of innovative, entrepreneurial thinkers to help with energizing the city of Detroit’s creative and professional core.  Challenge Detroit is a leadership and professional development program that has invited 30 of tomorrow’s leaders to live, work, play and give; in and around the greater Detroit area for and entire year.

We interviewed Deirdre Greene Groves, the Executive Director of The Collaborative Group an initiative of Challenge Detroit.  The Collaborative Group’s mission is to bring together the  the region’s top intellectual talent to foster entrepreneurship and collaborate on initiatives that spur business and community relations efforts, economic growth, job creation and overall prosperity for the region.

Challenge Detroit discusses Detroit revitalization – interview with Deirdre Greene Groves.


With all of the great work that Challenge Detroit has ahead of them – we wish them and their efforts the best of luck and success in contributing to Detroit Revitalization!

Detroit has so many positive projects taking place in the city that are geared towards helping with revitalization, economic growth and future stability,  but we obviously don’t know about them all.

If you know of a project that is helping with Detroit revitalization and growth, please share with us here!

– JoeyGirl




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