Every Little Bit Helps: 9-year-old Sells Lemonade to Raise Money for Detroit Parks

The city of Detroit has a deficit of more than $100 million, but 9-year-old Joshua Smith wants to do everything he can to help close that gap and improve the parks in his neighborhood. So, he’s set up a lemonade stand.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Smith knew the city was in trouble when the grass at a nearby park grew almost as tall as him. He then heard about the city’s financial crisis on the radio and decided to take action.

Lemonade Stand in Detroit
Photo: Jim Johnson

Smith plans to man his lemonade stand from 5 to 8 p.m. through this Friday, August 3, 2012. Though his exact location wasn’t disclosed, if you happen to drive by Smith’s lemonade stand, stop and show your support.

You can also donate money to the city of Detroit by visiting the city teller on the first floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. Donated money goes to the general fund unless a department is specified. Smith has expressed that he wants the money he raises to go towards improvements to the parks in his community.

For the full Detroit Free Press article about this amazing boy, click here.

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