Revitalization Is Off to a Good Start – 8/9/12

In June, we took ownership and possession of the seven-story, 283,000 square foot NBC-Nabisco building. It’s one impressive building. Here’s a brief summary of our efforts to date.

The building has been vacant since 2009, so there is a lot of cleanup going on, inside and out.

U-Haul Team examines future center showroom
U-Haul Team examines future center showroom

Our team has been going through the building to assess building elements and ensure proper operations…doing everything they can to secure the building. We’ve made repairs to the roof and verified that it is watertight and draining properly – a key element in maintaining the building. We’re also assessing other elements of the exterior envelope of the building, such as windows and doors, to ensure a dry-and-secure building.

While the designs for the building are still in their very early stages, we can share that the conceptual designs include and preserve existing exterior and interior architectural elements. Interior designs will incorporate original factory baking equipment, including a huge overhead materials handling scoop in what will be the U-Haul Center showroom.

NBC-Nabisco Building Exterior arch and sign
Conceptual designs include and preserve existing exterior and interior architectural elements

Our long-term revitalization plan is to dedicate most of the square footage of the building to storage rooms. Our short-term plans include having truck- and trailer-sharing services before the end of the year, followed by a modest storage build-out, and multiple uses for the rest of the building. As people and businesses return to New Center, we’ll build out more storage as needed.

Tell us what you want to see. As stated above we have plenty of space that will not be used for storage immediately. What do you think would be a good use of the extra space?

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