What’s Happening in New Center?

It’s hump day, and by this evening the week will be more than half over. If you were looking for any excuse to go out and celebrate, there you go.

The Legend of Drunken Master

Now, what to do? How about a movie? If you like the idea, but you’re not excited about an $8 bucket of popcorn washed down with a $6 soda, then you can head to New Center Park to watch Jackie Chan kick bad guys in the face for FREE! The 1994 film, “The Legend of Drunken Master,” will be shown tonight in the park at 9:30 p.m.

So, rather than being cramped into seats with very little leg room, you can grab dinner and stretch out on a blanket or your favorite lawn chair. (No outside food or drink is allowed, but food and beverages are available starting at 8 p.m.) For more information on Wednesday Night at the Movies, click here.

Don’t forget about Alfresco Jazz & Blues tomorrow night featuring The Holmes Brothers, and Saturday Camp Hi-Fi this weekend with Detroit soul ambassador, Melvin Davis. Turn your speakers on and click here to get a taste of what you might hear this weekend.

Whether you go for movies or music, there are only a few more weeks of free events at New Center Park, so be sure to take advantage of them now while you can.

Did we miss any news or events for New Center this week? Tell us!


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