AMERCO Real Estate Expands U-Haul Self-Storage Operations with the Purchase of the Nabisco Building in Detroit’s New Center

U-Haul Moving and Storage of Detroit

DETROIT — (Aug. 16, 2012) AMERCO Real Estate today announced that it has expanded the U-Haul network of self-storage locations with its purchase of a 250,000 square foot historical structure. Originally built in 1920 as a bakery, the National Biscuit Company later became known as Nabisco. It is located in Detroit’s New Center at 899 West Baltimore Street, Detroit, Michigan.

U-Haul recognizes all that the city of Detroit has contributed to our corporate success as well as the contributions this city has made to the mobility of North Americans.  This acquisition is just one of the many purchases we make to help revitalize historic districts throughout the country.    More…

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