Revitalize Detroit: Four Volunteer Groups to Join

With all the great renovations that are happening at our New Center location, I was inspired to see how this “make new” spirit could transfer to the city of Detroit. It turns out there are a variety of volunteer opportunities in Detroit to help revitalize the community. Here are four of my top picks to polish up “the diamond in the rough” that is Detroit.

Detroit Mower Gang

Detroit Mower Gang (Website, Facebook)

This fun-loving, landscape-improving group is a great way to get involved in your local Detroit neighborhoods. The Mower Gang’s website boasts that they are “winning Detroit’s other turf war.” And judging from their past events, they are right! As a self-proclaimed part biker rally and part cleanup group, the Mower Gang hosts weekly and monthly mowing events around Detroit.

You may remember our post about young Joshua Smith who raised more than $3,000 to benefit the city’s parks department. After hearing about this amazing boy’s cause, the Mower Gang came to Smith’s neighborhood and mowed the two city parks closest to his home.

To join the Mower Gang, check out their upcoming events on Facebook. According to the Mower Gang’s website you can bring your own “grass annihilation machine” or use one of theirs.

The Greening of Detroit

The Greening of Detroit (Website, Facebook)

The Greening of Detroit is an organization that helps create a ‘greener’ Detroit through planting, educational programs and environmental leadership and advocacy. And, who doesn’t want more pretty green trees and lush landscaping around their city?

If you’re interested in helping The Greening of Detroit, visit Events include cultivating gardens, planting trees, park cleanups and more.

Volunteer for any of their September events, and help make Detroit greener!

Habitat Detroit

Habitat Detroit (Website, Facebook)

Habitat for Humanity Detroit (Habitat Detroit) is a housing ministry that provides low-income, working families the opportunity to purchase affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity affiliates are located in all 50 states in the U.S., the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. This really is an incredible organization with a lot of support both locally and nationally.

There are so many volunteer opportunities for Habitat Detroit. Check them out and pick which event matches your skills and interests.

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV)

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV) (Website, Facebook)

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV) is an organization that works to improve environmental conditions in Southwest Detroit. SDEV focuses mainly on issues related to air quality, abandoned buildings, illegal dumping, transportation, recycling, and land use. This is a great opportunity to make Detroit shine.

SDEV offers a number of volunteer activities for groups and individuals including cleanup and beautification events, recycling days, and becoming a neighborhood “champion.”  For more information visit

– Jennifer

What are you doing to help revitalize Detroit? Know of any other great volunteer organizations to help make Detroit shine? Let us know in the comment section below.

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