Techonomy Detroit: Revitalization Through Technology

Techonomy Detroit

This Wednesday, September 12, national and local leaders will be attending a one-day “meeting of the minds” at Techonomy Detroit. The event, held at Wayne State University’s Community Arts Auditorium, is hosted by the Detroit Economic Club (DEC).

Participants from the cutting edge of technology, business, manufacturing, government and design will be on deck to discuss the challenges that Detroit is currently facing and the future of Motor City. For those interested in attending, tickets are $300 for Detroit Economic Club members and $500 for non-members and are available through the DEC website.

Though the theme of the entire conference is “accelerating economic growth” in Detroit as well as the rest of the U.S., three breakout sessions at Techonomy Detroit will cover the topic of revitalizing Detroit specifically.


A panel discussion titled “Is Detroit the Next Berlin?” will cover the best ideas to revitalize and restore Detroit and its economy. “Jobs, Growth and Michigan’s Future” will feature a discussion about the current proposals and plans to revitalize not only Detroit’s, but Michigan’s economy as well. And, “Beyond the Theories” is a panel discussion about local strategies to revitalize Detroit.

For more information on Techonomy Detroit and the key participants, visit their website.

Detroit Economic Club

Detroit is going through lots of positive changes right now, and we know it’s important to help the upswing of this historic city.

– Jennifer

Are you planning on attending Techonomy Detroit? What are you most interested in hearing about? What are your thoughts on how technology can improve the city?

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