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Challenge Detroit

Challenge Detroit!

After months of planning, preparation and prayer, I made it to the most sought-out program to hit the city of Detroit since the Big 3: Challenge Detroit! Challenge Detroit is a community-based initiative to attract tomorrow’s leaders to Detroit in hopes of revitalizing the city. Thirty lucky, entrepreneurial-minded individuals were selected out of a pool more than 900 applicants. Being a Detroit native, I couldn’t be more excited to come back home after a tedious four-year stint at Michigan State University…not to move into my mother’s basement but to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Through my participation in the program. I was able to enter a drawing and have my move sponsored by none other than U-Haul!  To my surprise, I found that U-Haul has a lot more to offer than just  trailers and boxes; they have full-service menu that includes my great Moving Helpers (Professional Men Moving Services).

In order to fully immerse myself in Detroit, I knew I had to be stationed right in the heart of the city. After a summer’s worth of weekends spent checking views, closet sizes and security, I decided on a renowned Detroit gem: the Millender Center Apartments. The view is breathtaking, especially at night. I often joke that I waited until the age of 21 to get nightlights (the city’s skyline).   I, like many of my peers who had moved away from the city for one reason or another, had reservations about moving back home…but honestly I could give you more reasons “Why not?” than “Why?” This was especially true after a week-long orientation that included a kick-off with Mayor Dave Bing, a tour of the city provided by D-hive and a chance to stimulate the economy by dining at Detroit’s restaurants such as Traffic Jam and Motorcity Brewery, along with shopping in the ever-popular Eastern Market!  I had the opportunity to visit some of Detroit’s up-and-coming facilities, such as Tech Town and Urban Sciences, as well as a visit with the Detroit Venture Partners inside the Madison Building. As we visited these different companies, we went through various team-building, professional and media-training workshops that were extremely helpful!

Moving back to Detroit
Moving back to Detroit!

Throughout the coming year, I will be working as a project coordinator at ePrize, Incorporated. ePrize is a Michigan-based digital-engagement agency that specializes in mobile,  social and Web campaigns.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision and the opportunity that afforded me the chance to come back to Detroit to live, work, play and give!

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