Turning a Corner: New Construction Underway – 09/24/12

As fall begins, leaves are starting to turn and our building crew has turned a corner, from demolition and cleanup to new construction…moving toward opening for business. (See photo gallery at the end of this post).

Showroom Floor

We are making good progress on the showroom floor. We did have some obstacles to overcome: the main drain on the south side of the building obstructing the floor construction; a steel column in the floor path, and a sump pump on the showroom floor directly under the load-bearing wall. K&K Concrete worked up a plan that the city special inspector approved. Our architect and structural engineer will adjust our plans accordingly. As soon as the floor pan is finished, we will begin construction on the radiant flooring.


Detroit Elevator has almost finished with our elevators. The travel cable is in for the north elevator and Techs will be out this week to install it. They also will finish the south freight elevator, test it and turn it over to us on Tuesday.

Sprinkler System

We may have resolved the low-water-pressure problem. The city’s Meter Department says there is plenty of pressure at the meter, but the foreman of the city’s Water and Sewer Department found a valve in the fire hydrant that had a bent shaft which prevented the valve from opening completely. His team replaced the shaft and they believe that will correct the problem. A flow test has been ordered; we’ll know then. We have decided to use SimplexGrinnell, the building’s original fire alarm company, to work with us to certify the alarm system with the city.

Building Heating

As I’ve reported before, we’ve had a lot of discussion on whether to use steam or other means of heating the building. Looks like a decision on steam is imminent. We’re working on a letter of intent with Detroit Thermal; fine-tuning a few more details before we agree to move forward.

Buttoning Up for Winter

Remember the room at the end of the tunnel, where we had to break through the ceiling to empty out all of the debris? This week, we will recap the ceiling to button it up for the winter. We will also begin work on replacing glass on the sixth floor.

Stay tuned. Next update Oct. 1.


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