A Glimpse of the Future, a Road from the Past – 10/08/12

This week we received some preliminary drawings about what the new showroom will look like. While these are only drafts, I thought I’d share them now–check out the photo gallery below. The high ceilings and the cathedral-style windows are going to provide an abundance of natural light for the showroom and will be an awesome environment for our customers and our U-Haul team members.

On the construction front, the showroom floor pan was inspected and approved last week. Weight-testing of the North elevator is underway, and the asbestos abatement was completed on the pipes in the tunnels o they can be removed.

Out in the parking lot, we started to remove the existing asphalt and discovered a brick road, probably built in the 1920s, that led to another building that once existed on the property. So far, it looks to be in good shape and might make a great period accent from the entrance to the showroom. Brick roads were once common in Detroit and other cities. Stretches of brick road are still in use on Michigan Avenue.

Stay tuned. Next update 10/15


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